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09-16-2015, 01:22 PM
Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone on here has the answers to some of my questions before I bother Raven with them. Has anyone ever pulled the silicone off their top and put it on a new bra? I bought another top from Raven during her summer sale and I like the bra on that top much better. It's bigger, more comfortable and I don't think it has underwire like my first one. It also doesn't have the back straps with the latches and uses solely the netting ties to keep it up, which I like. The underwire in my first top has actually rusted through the bra and I accidentally got a drop of silicone in one of the cups when I was making a minor repair one time; not that is affects its use other than the sight of it irks me. So, I'm eager to put it on a new bra soon, if possible. Thoughts? Ideas? Has anyone ever tried this? Sorry if this has been asked already in another thread. I didn't see anything like it when I searched.

While on the subject of Merbella tops, how do you guys clean your tops? Do you just rinse them off or hand wash the base with some mild soap?

Tl;DR: Can I cut and affix my top to a new bra base or is the way the silicone is bonded to bra make it impossible?

09-16-2015, 04:20 PM
As far as washing goes, I hand wash mine and then rinse it well. To dry it, I ball up towels and put them in the cups and press gently until most of the excess water is absorbed and then I'll hang it over a railing to dry.

I've never tried to mod my top, but I can tell you from experience in other areas that once silicone is on fabric it's pretty on there. The silicone sinks down into the fiber and bonds around the strands (I'm not sure how else to explain it?) You can take the silicone off but the fabric is a mess after that, and the silicone doesn't always pull off in one solid sheet. I would talk to Raven or maybe even Raina about switching the bras out. You could probably take out the underwire if it's uncomfortable for you- I've taken out the wires in a couple of my normal bras, and they still wore well.

Hope that helps :)

09-16-2015, 07:08 PM
pull that underwire out girl! lol

Winged Mermaid
09-16-2015, 11:37 PM
When you make a top like that you use liquid silicone to bond the already cast silicone to the fabric- essentially using it like glue. It soaks in the fabric and bonds to the cast silicone as well- it reaaaaallly bonds it on there. If you wanted to put it on a new bra you'd have to cut the old bra to pieces. You'd have to have the top layer of fabric from the original bra intact probably, since it's bonded with the silicone. But with careful cutting and ripping away any padding inside, you could probably do it. You could probably put it on a new bra after that with some glue and clamping. But it would be messy and may end up damaging your bra, maybe even making it useless depending on how the deconstruction goes and if there's slip ups. It's up to you!

You could always pull out the underwire, and cut off the bands on the bra and sew netting onto it to use for straps instead :)