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Merman Mizu
09-17-2015, 01:13 PM
Hello my fellow merfriends and lovers of the ocean!

My name is Mizu, I am an underwater artist, and a tail creator as well as a real life merman.
I am new to this page, and im still trying to learn how everything works, but the main thing im thinking about is if there are anyone out there who would like to become friends with me?
If you are someone who wants to get more friends, write here and lets contact each other! :D

I think that meeting new people is a wonderful thing, and being able to talk to them about the passion for something we both love is even a better bonus! :D

Please write to me, add me or comment below and I will send you a message :)

Much love <3

09-17-2015, 10:40 PM
Welcome! Where do you swim? My Lady and I swim at the local gym. Do you swim outside at all? I'm in New Hampshire and we have about another month of swimming at the lakes.

Merman Mizu
09-18-2015, 03:00 PM
Nice to meet you!
I swim outside, usually by the woods because I like to swim there and at a place called t°yenbadet and bislett-bad in oslo :)
Its really cold here at the moment, so no one swims outside except from me and those who dare x))