View Full Version : New Teaser: The Girl with the Sea-Green Eyes

01-05-2012, 03:20 PM
Here's another teaser. This time from the sequel to Hannah's Tale, which is awaiting publication. I got my first rejection slip a couple of weeks ago, I might frame it. It was actually rather positive.


The scene: Alex, Hannah and about a dozen other Xanadu Mers are headed to Bimini to see what needs to be done to make the wreck of the S.S. Sutherland Express habitable for Merfolk.

I had never seen Tara swim before; I was quite impressed. Her large pelvic fins probably slowed her a bit, but the grace and manuverability they gave her more than compensated. I felt like a cowboy-booted line dancer next to a ballerina.
It didn't take long to show Tara the lake, it was less than ten acres, and introduce her to the remainder of the inhabitants, including the Silent Sisters (I served as go-between). I was a little dismayed to learn that she didn't know about the Sisters. She promissed, however to oversee the special arrangements needed to transport them across land to the sea.
Soon, it was time to leave. Winters had a van sent to the lakeshore for us. At the airport, we were driven to a spot on the tarmac where a small turboprop charter was waiting. Also waiting were the Walkers, Jim, Gina, Skye and Jamie, who was carrying Erica. Jim cradled Skye in his arms. There were chairs enough for all of us, even those who didn't have one of their own, but I've always been glad to carry Skye on my lap. We hugged her and all the Walkers, including Erica, then they carried us one by one onto the plane. I made sure Skye got a window seat, she hadn't flown before. Alex sat just behind me.
Despite having legs, Ben was one of the last to board. Maddie had to coax and embarass him into the plane. He had the look of a condemned man mounting a scaffold. "Flying is fer birds, bats and bugs not daysent folk," he muttered under his breath.
The flight to the airstrip on South Bimini was less than an hour, but since it was lunch time they decided to feed us. I was still feeling a bit queasy but figured eating something was the best way to settle my stomach. The plastic trays were passed out shortly after take-off and I opened mine. It was...TURKEY! "Oh Gawd, mmmfh!" I passed the tray to Skye, grabbed a barf-bag and flopped out into the aisle. I tried to crawl to the restroom using one arm while holding the bag over my mouth with the other hand. I shoulda known that wouldn't work. Alex can't carry me anymore, so he was helpless. The flight attendant knelt next to me about the time I gave up and started heaving.
"Morning sickness, she's preggers." said Skye solemnly.
I didn't see the attendant's reaction, she just rubbed my back, handed me another bag and cooed, "That's all right hon, I've been through it twice, second time with twins!"
Only a lunatic would do this more than once! I thought. Alex! This is all your fault!
Sorry! He sounded genuinely miserable, which gave me some solace.
Eventually, I started feeling a little better, especially after the offending tray was taken away. Pretty much everyone else was finished as well. Nothing like listening to someone retch to cure one's craving for food. They ought to record me and sell it as a weight-loss aid. The flight attendant (bless her!) helped me back into my seat and gave me a cold Coke (The South's sovereign remedy for stomach troubles).
You OK sweetie? Alex reached his hand around, I took it and pressed it against my cheek.
Yeah, I feel really embarassed now. I made quite a scene.
It helped the trip pass. We're getting ready to land.