View Full Version : Calling all Northamptonshire/Leicestershire Mermaids/Sirens and surrounding areas

Kelly the Siren
10-02-2015, 04:20 PM
Hi Mers, SO Corby international swimming pool are allowing Mermaiding, as long as it is club based. We get to book the intire end pools with moveable floors/depths up to 4 meters. I am currently with a scuba diving club that have took me under their wing and allow me and my daughter to mermaid on Monday night 9pm -10pm in the deep :D (last Monday there was no one there just the scuba handler to keep an eye on us.) I would like to go more and meet/swim with other Mermaids and was hoping to set up our own club. The swimming pool have said yes to tails in the water but again, has to be club based. Obv it would be in Corby. Let me know what you guys think maybe we could set this up xxx lots of love Kelly x

P.s my whole look on the mernetwork is in another language :lol:, any advice on how to get it back to english :/ kindest regards hope everyone is ok xxxx