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01-14-2012, 04:46 PM
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09-04-2012, 08:30 PM
I love my new Shell Tail Tail! I wanted a gold shimmery one like the one Paris Hilton wore for her new perfume. It's a neoprene tail with sequin fabric sewn onto it, so it's not see-through like a regular fabric tail. I needed a tail that was light and easy for travel, since my silicone one from the Mertailor is extremely heavy and expensive to travel with, and this tail is very easy to travel with, and surprisingly light. The mono fin inside fits well, I just had to initially adjust the straps to make it fit my feet. I needed a tail that I could slip on without needing assistance bc I have an hour glass shape, and even though I have a tail with a zipper, it takes two people to zip me in it! Shelly suggested and put in a belt at the top so that I can slide it up my hips without stretching the waist. The belt was easy to adjust so that the top of the tail fit snuggly around my waist. When I swam in it, I was able to do extra twists and turns that my other tails couldn't allow for, due to their size and weight. My husband recorded me in this tail underwater and it looked so beautiful and flowed with the water perfectly. She made this tail for me quickly, there was very minimal waiting time. Every aspect of this tail is just what I needed, and made from quality materials, at a fair price. I highly suggest ordering a tail from Shell Tails.