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Mermaid Aerial Princess
12-29-2015, 08:35 AM
I received a Swimtails fabric mermaid tail for Christmas. I've swam in it twice since opening it. This is my review. (This is my first review so I hope it is in the correct place and covers the right info. Let me know if you have any questions or if I need to do something different).

Purchased from website: www.swimtails.com

Tail: Pink Coral Lemonade Mermaid Tail; Adult Medium

Description: Bright pink tail with metallic scale pattern and a yellow/hot pink tie-dyed fluke. It is a 4-way stretch swimsuit material (according to the website it is polyester/spandex blend & chlorine safe & made in USA).


They have a base price for each fabric tail. As you choose your size and monofin (kid's or adult Finis Aquarius Monofin), the price increases. So at first glance I (& my FiancÚ) thought the tail was going to be around $60-65 but after choosing Adult size M, the price increased to around $80. If I wanted the monofin it would have been $30-55 more. This was a challenge to explain to my FiancÚ when explaining to him what to order. (I had sent him the link when telling him what I wanted for Xmas). He initially was frustrated because the final price was $20 more than what his first glance at it was.

I decided to buy the Finis Aquarius Monofin from Amazon because I wanted it earlier than Xmas. But if purchased from Swimtails as part of the tail set it probably would have been a little cheaper.

I was SUPER excited when I opened my tail on Xmas Eve. The colors were bright. The fabric was shiny. It was very well constructed. No holes or tears. It came with a Meremaid Certificate and an IFU (instruction for use) page.


The first challenge was how to get it onto the monofin because it is a closed tail (no zipper, snaps, or Velcro). I had watched videos and read "how to's" on the MerNetwork forum but I was still very nervous about ripping/snagging the tail or cracking the monofin. I ended up turning the tail inside out. This was interesting because the fluke material on the inside has shiny metallic pattern (almost like it was sewn inside out) and the tips of the tail are reinforced with double pockets. Awesome construction. Eventually I figured out how to roll up the monofin and get it inside the tail. It fits perfectly!


I'm 5'4" and 155lbs. The Adult Medium is a bit loose on me. The waist can easily be pulled up to under my breasts. I will eventually need to take it in a few inches at the top and in the waist. I might also take it in at the sides about an inch or so. But right now it fits fine just to swim in my little pool & I didn't want it so tight to make an icky muffin top or show every ripple. If I were to purchase another Swimtails tail I would buy an Adult Small (my New Years Resolution is to loose about 20lbs).

My first swim was awkward and the monofin foot straps kept falling off (I'm reading that that is pretty normal and can be easily fixed with some elastic. No issue with the Swimtails fabric tail). There are extreme warnings on the IFU page that say not to scoot, scrape, or stand on the tail. With the awkwardness of my first swim I think I did all 3. [emoji30] After 2 swims I'm getting better but there are a few little pills in the fabric from contact with my pool bottom or sides but no tears or snags.

After each swim, I rinsed the tail out and hung it to dry. There was some bleeding from the pink onto my wooden drying rack and a little pink water puddle on the floor. So I'll need to be careful for awhile and not wash/dry it with light colors.

I give the fabric tail a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Nerdmaid Faith
02-13-2016, 04:01 AM
Seems like a fairly decent tail! Is the fabric thin or see through?