View Full Version : Gathering Details for a Pod Directory...especially in DFW.

01-03-2016, 11:37 PM
I have a busy little mermaid this morning because I woke at an awful hour. I have created us a webpage were we can share information on pod events and pictures from those events. You can view the work in progress at http://merfolk-texas.weebly.com (http://merfolk-texas.weebly.com) There is also a subscription form on the Contact page. I have chose to use MailChimp for this because it is free and it will also allow for event newsletters to be sent out by the Pod Leaders.

I have also created a general email address, dfwpod@gmail.com, and this is the email the event newsletters will be sent from.

**Please note that your information will not be shared or sold. The information is strictly for pod leaders to be able to send out information on upcoming and past pod events.