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Winged Mermaid
03-11-2016, 03:45 AM
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Mermaid Cataleya
05-28-2016, 10:14 AM
2.5/3 -5


Made by: Matthew aka MerrowFins

Cost: 600 for a Basic Silicone tail I payed an extra 250 for a rush fee. We will get into that later….
I am most enraged about the next part. I payed another 165.17 for shipping to get it to me on a date he insured he would make intake. So ONTOP OF everything onto of a shipping cost I already payed for, I dished out another almost 200 for shipping because of a mistake he made, a mistake he did in not getting my tail done intime ...so in total my basic tail cost about as much as a second or mid grade lvl tail.....

Features: Its made of 100% dragonskin Silicone backed with a double layered thermal scuba knit with a custom sized and snapped mono fin to your specific needs. The tail closely resembles human skin, its very soft, stretchy, and allows for a translucent effect when swimming which allows for a realistic silhouette and the translucent effect that a real fish has. All colors and paints used in the making are UV resistant and will not fade from exposure in the sun. All products offered by MerrowFins are safe for skin and water.

what i ordered: My tail as a blended waist line, colors I picked Copper, white, Orange and Gold. I ordered a Basic Silicone tail

What i got: My Tail Waistline is Not blended. The back and the front looks the same where he should have done the back a solid color then blended it into the sides into the front to make it look like a real fish belly and backside. I think my tail is to small i cant fit into it.... tried it dry will try again wet...

Used For: This tail is being used for Dry events and Water events, in salt , fresh and chlorinated water.
Now I was informed, By both other reviews and the site that they would give me updates on how the tail was doing throughout the whole process. However Because I told him I didn’t want him to post pictures of my tail On his FB page I wanted to be surprised when I opened the Box. *I gave him the colors and told him to run with it.* I Messaged him half a month out from the devilry date asking how my tail was going….I got a rather nasty response back from that On his fb page.

Craftsmanship: Choppy, sloppy. He rushed and I feel like he didnt give a shit.

Exsperence with Ordering:
Matthew was amazing with helping me with problems of my measurements. he was even willing to go on the phone or video chat to help me with measuring problems. He was very friendly and I felt like I was his number one his most important customer no matter if I was buying the cheapest tail he had or not.

After Ordering, and durning the procice of my tail being Made:

However though my experience while ordering the tail was amazing. After I gave him the payment his Communication skills dropped off to Nothing.

Now I was informed, By both other reviews that they would give me updates on how the tail was doing throughout the whole process. However Because I told him I didn’t want him to post pictures of my tail On his FB page I wanted to be surprised when I opened the Box. *which he ended up posting the last day anyways after I asked him Not to…..* *I gave him the colors and told him to run with it.* I Messaged him half a month out from the devilry date asking how my tail was going….I got a rather unexpected response back from that On his fb page. Keep in mind I didn’t just order it i ordered it two months from the time I posted and asked him how it was going. I only asked because the tail was to be delivered to me 20 days from the date of that message, and I have yet to hear anything from him.

{this is the post} Hello everyone!
I know it's exciting to order a mermaid tail and it's exciting to know your dream is coming true! I'm excited too! But I get extremely anxious when people ask about how long until they get their tail, especially if you just ordered it! Please have patience as I am a one man army! But I am working extremely fast all while trying to maintain the highest product quality! So bear with me please!

I love you all!

Tail Fit: Unknown , cant get into the tail dry might be to small

Tail swimming and Flow: unknown cant get into the tail

Over all, Notes of exsperence:
-I was told I would get a paper with my tail on how to keep up maintenance and care for the tail. I got Nothing but the tail In the box.

-I asked him How to do care and maintenance and he gave me a half ass answer.

-I feel that this tail maker shouldn't be a tail maker due to lack of people skills and WEll Over all care of your experiences with them. I was informed that I would be notified throughout the whole process on how my tail was doing. If you dont wish pictures to be posted Online about your tail then this isnt the place for you.

-When I asked for info about my tail he snapped at me. I only asked about how my tail was doing because I heard Nothing and it was three weeks until my date of arrival or expected due date would be upon me. When it was all said and done my tail got made , put together and painted five days Out from the due date..... So IF something is wrong with the tail Or if I cant fit into the tail I am fucked...and now well over 1000 for a tail I cant use.

-throughout my whole experience my excitement in getting a professional tail went from happy and excited, to worried and scared, to angry and furious with this guy. HIs professionalism is a 0 after he gets payed he doesnt care about you or care about informing you on how things are going.

-I am basally On my own learning how to care for the tail to assure a long life....

-When and if I find someone to repaint my tail if i cant get it to fit, it will be repainted..

-would I recommend them to someone? HELL NO , and I will NOT be getting any other products or items from them IF i can fit into my tail i will send you better pictures and a first swim video and post it on here... thanks for taking the time to read this review.


(http://imgur.com/RFA85xD)http://i.imgur.com/bQ0jlRs.jpg (http://imgur.com/bQ0jlRs)


This is the Tear I got during the first swim, and first time I was ever actually able to get into the tail......I was told to take it to a seamstress and get a lock stitch put it...it would be fine...no offer to help or fix it was made..... (http://imgur.com/3HnrQzy)

At the top you can see the silicone is starting to tear apart from itself just like it did on the oppsite side during my first swim....this happened on my second swim.....

(http://imgur.com/kBH7d6Y)http://i.imgur.com/IQX7XWn.jpgHere you can see the stitching....it was pointed out to be my a child...durning a gig...they could see the purple running down both sides of my body...I made up a story why I had it...on further inspection i noticed i could actually see the stiching...all the way down. I wanted to cry...this is only my second time IN the tail. This shouldnt be happening.....the tail was made to small...and all he remarked to it...is the tail will be snug it needs to stretch to your body....this shouldnt be happening. (http://imgur.com/IQX7XWn)

(http://imgur.com/kBH7d6Y) (http://imgur.com/kBH7d6Y)

07-19-2016, 06:09 PM
Hi everyone! I decided to finally post a review of my MerrowFins tail! I originally was going to post a video but unfortunately I ran into some complications with that so I figured I'd do a written review for now!

Tail type: Silicone
Tail price: $3,500
Ordered: October 2015 and asked for it to be done by May 2016.

I give MerrowFins a 4 out of 5 because overall I had a great experience working with Matty!

Customer service: I talked with Matty through e-mail, phone, text, Skype, and Facebook. He was really good at getting back to me and answering every question I had thoroughly and giving me as much information as he could about anything that I was concerned with. I was really worried about getting a tail though wouldn't fit so he invited me down to his home in Florida and he measured me himself and made a template of my body right in front of me. We also sat down and drew up a concept for what I wanted my tail to look like, from the fluke, to the fins, to the colors, and the size of everything. Once the tail making process actually started he sent me updates throughout the entire time starting from the plywood he used to sculpt on, to the last fin he attached!

The tail itself/Pros: The complete product is everything I could imagine and more! It's absolutely stunning in photos but is a billion times more beautiful in person! The colors are super vibrant but still have that dark edgey feel to it that I wanted. And the whole thing is ENORMOUS! The full length of the tail is 100 inches (8 feet 4 inches) which is bigger than I am! (I'm 5 feet 6 inches.) The fluke is 42 inches by 42 inches. And my extra fins (hip/pectoral fins and dorsal fin) are 30 inches long by 15 inches wide. The scales are awesome, they're detailed and look nice up close and from a distance. I've used it in the water a few times now and it has really incredible flow but it still has a ton of power behind it too so it gives gorgeous and natural looking underwater photos! Matty also took it a step forward and made my tail glow-in-the-dark!


Cons: I've had a few minor issues with my tail but nothing that wasn't an easy fix. The first is, because of the huge size and weight of the fins, I've had the edge lift like an inch or so, which I easily fixed with some black silicone. I'm the first person to actually have these fins, so I was the guinea pig. And the last was that I have a belly roll so when I put my tail on the first time it was uncomfortable because it liked the do the "roll" some of you may have experienced before. So I told Matty and he offered to attach a nude colored extension at the waist which basically is like a nude colored silicone corset that just makes the tail go up way past my waist and sucks everything in and holds everything up!

Side notes: This tail is very heavy and very large so it's difficult to carry so be prepared to endure that. The size of the fluke alone is massive so you will NOT be able to do the mermaid tail flip over the head thing! Matty did tell me this before he made my tail and I was okay with it so it isn't an issue for me. The picture above where my tail is up behind me, I have it up against a rock to give it that awesome flop! But if that is something you want to do this fluke shape probably is not for you! He does offer multiple other flukes that are smaller than mine, so you can always choose from those! Also I have yet to a night time shoot so when I do I will post pictures of how the glow in the dark looks on camera! I know he offers that feature in a bunch of different colors!

Prince Calypso
07-29-2016, 02:30 AM
So My mermaid tail came in this morning.
It took me a minute to realize what the UPS man was handling me cause I had just woken up and when I did I was omg!!!

I really do love this tail and Matt was such a sweetheart throughout the entire process, from design to completions.
He even added a dorsal fin free of charge and paid the shipping in handling for it which was such a big favor because most of my cash is tried up in my wedding right now.
though the design is not exactly what I originally wanted it grew on me from the moment Matt sent me the concept design
though I do wish it was a bit more purple but that's not that big of a deal.
the tail has a few imperfections however.
The tail is tight lol. not so tight that i can't fit into it but still tight.
its kinda my fault lol
I measured for the tail to be tight before knowing that Matt makes his tails to be tight
so now it double tight lol
it took me almost 5 minute to get in and out of the tail
The scales are very rough in some places and there are also small globs of silicone here and there that make sit look like the tail has skin-tags



Another issue is the fluke. Firstly its not asymmetrical. One side looks similar to the flukes from the mermaids in Pirates of The Caribbean, and the other half looks a little like Ariel's fluke lol
secondly there is a spot on the fluke where it looks like a glob of silicone that was painted came off leaving a black spot.

I also would have preferred a bit more purple in the color scheme for the tail but all and all its still beatiful in it sown way.
Overall I am extremely Happy with my tail. Yeah it has a few flaws but honestly it just matches its owner lol
even with its imperfections. I paid around 550$ for a basic silicone tail and I feel like I got exactly what I paid for.
Alot of the time I feel people order tails that are under 1000 bucks and expect over 100 quality and then get upset over it
I would happily order from Matt again.