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Mermaid Laurell
05-27-2016, 11:09 PM
Hello! I'm still new to all this mermaiding stuff, but I loved diving for weights during my time as a lifeguard. When I found out about mermaiding I fell in love. However, living in southern Illinois, my only resource was a 13 ft highly chlorinated public pool. Now, I'm living in Alaska. There are certainly more bodies of water, but the temperatures are insanely cold and I'm assuming unsafe (not to mention the leeches). What would you all recommend for me? I'm living in Anchorage and I want to get started on practicing breath holds and other training exercises like swimming with a monofin and freediving. The breath holds and monofin training shouldn't be too hard to do, but what about freediving and depth training? I'm not sure where I can go for that. Any tips?

05-29-2016, 01:51 PM
Im certainly nit a pro freediver, but ive done a BUNCH of research on it and you dont need any sort of license to freedive! I read that some states have classes you can go to to learn all the techniques and what not. (Sadly, none in my area) but freediving is just all about form and obviously breath holding. If you want to learn the cheap way, i say google and youtube will be your best friend! Do some research on places to swim in your area, you might be abke to find others who freedive and stuff! I hope i helped a little bit! Ive never freedived, but i do regular breathing exercises to extend my breath holding. Best of luck to you! Keep on swimming!! ♡♡

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