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Winged Mermaid
07-18-2011, 02:20 AM
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11/28/10 21:46:22
A mermaid recently ordered a mertailor tail, she got it and was not happy with it AT ALL, the usual stuff wrong with it wrong color, too big, ect. but what I wanted to post about was that fact that she ordered her tail just like mine only different colors, she got the same fins and everything. Eric charged her a price, based off what he said I paid for mine. He charged her more than what I actually even paid and told her that he charged me a lot more money for my tail.
So hes lying to people about how much I paid for my tail so he can charge other people more money for basically the same tail.
If anyone wants him to make you a tail similar to my red tail I only paid $650.00 please do not let him over charge you.
At the time his tails were listed for $530 and I had him do a custom paint colors, a long tattered dorsal fin, pectoral fins and ankle fins.he only charged me $120 for those specific extra features. and this was before we were friends, this is what he quoted me as a normal person just emailing him about a tail. And I got a free scale/netting top.

So if he tells anyone else that I paid anything more than $650 thats not right. please don't let him over charge you!

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11/29/10 01:27:53
That's awful he's doing that :( I hope you post this on your pages so everyone knows, and he can't do that to people anymore.

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11/29/10 08:04:56
wow. this is actually getting to the point of ridiculousness. isnt this illegal?

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11/29/10 11:10:40
I was furious! and she is too. She was already unhappy with the tail. wrong colors completely (and she said she was very very clear), too big, tissue paper and glue stuck to the tail, sloppy scales and shes upset at the fact that on her fluke, he put scales all the way past her monofin and then started the fluke texture....which makes no sense!? why would you put scales so far down onto the fluke? it should be fluke texture like all the other tails.
But then to find out he lied to her about my price to get more money out of her was even worse.

I also asked her if her tail was on time she said she ordered it in July and didn't get it until after Halloween. 4-6weeks my ass.

common excuses he uses..
"waiting on a shipment of monofins should be out next neek"
"falimy crisis"
"waiting on the silicone to dry"

I got ALL of these, and so did she. So did another mermaid that just joined here and is still waiting on her gold tail.

Im posting this so people know.
sad that I have to:(

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11/29/10 11:24:57
We gotta see this travesty!!! Pics are worth a thousand words!

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11/29/10 11:36:10
Indeed. I want to see this girl's tail.

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11/29/10 14:20:34
you should screen cap them Mellisa and put them in my thread about mertailor quotes (with permission from the people of course) people should see that and know it happens

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11/29/10 17:38:45
there is an option of civil court.. especially if you can get signed and notorized affidavit (sp?) and photos of anyone willing.. you can sue depending on the state up to $5000 which can include court costs... check into it... i had to do this with a mechanic that "fixed" my truck years ago.. I won and got all my money back plus court fees and travel expenses back to the state i had just left and was whole reason to get truck fixed.

its worth a try.. you might even be ablet o get a class action suit against him.. if he has a business licsense.. then definetly...

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11/29/10 19:45:14
heres what I mean when I saw they scales go down all the way past the monofin and THEN the fluke texture starts. Most of her fluke is scales? I just don't understand why he did that?

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11/29/10 20:27:22
wow. weird. but ya know, my fluke might as well be a balloon, haha so I'd prefer this one.

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11/29/10 20:30:31
Im gonna fix that for you love :)