View Full Version : Confusion: So many tailmakers! What should I look at for my first silicone tail?

Mermaid Miradis
07-08-2016, 01:17 PM
Hello! :)

I looked at many of the tailmakers out there and also at the list here on mernetwork. I am now very confused on how to proceed to choose the best suitable for my idea. I hope you merpeople could help me out, please.

I would like to invest in a tail that is in a budget of 3.000/3.500/3.800$ approx.

I would like 2 small side fins (ankle and hips) and a small dorsal fin.
If possible with the budget, individual scales would be nice.
The painting would have a stripe pattern and (only if possible with the budget, as it is my least concern) metallic or glow in the dark paint.
The fluke wouldn't be the classical mermaid one. I like the betta fish fluke by finfolk, but mertailor has some less-common designs, too.

Which tailmakers would be suitable for this idea and budget and would you recommend to use another material than full platinum silicone?

Thank you so much for your time!

Mermaid Miradis

07-08-2016, 02:17 PM
Take a look at the reviews in the Tail Maker section. They should hep you get a clear picture of who you will want to make your tail. Mernation and Finfolk are my personal favs :)