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08-07-2016, 10:13 PM
Ok, so I will admit that I am fairly new to the mermaiding world. I never saw Splash and I watched H2o about three years after it was finished. Somehow I missed all these breakthrough mermaid experiences. My first fictional mermaid was obviously Ariel. I think thats a given. But the next Mer I ever came across in a fictional world was Husky from +Anima. I have always LOVED Husky and before I knew tailswimming was a thing, I wanted to Cosplay him and now that I know about tails I want to even more!

For those that don't know about this character or the anime, +Anima is set in a world where some people have animal DNA inside of them which allows them to embody a certain aspect of that animal. The main character is a crow and he can sprout black wings. His best friend is a fish and he grows a fish tail. A girl they later meet is a bat and she also grows wings. The last group member and far older very protector like member is a bear and one of his arms transforms. Throughout the books they meet many other +Animas.

When we first meet Husky, he is being held against his will by a circus owener to act as a beautiful mermaid princess who gets rescued every night.


He hates it with a passion and actually gets rescued by Cooro and then joins him in his quest to find others like them. Due to his lack of mobility on land, Husky rarely dons his tail but it does come in handy sometimes.


He is a pretty sassy mofo but I love him to death. Originally, I was going to just cosplay his legged form but after discovering tails and tailswimming, i would love to do his tailed form too!


I dunno why I'm posting this. I have a bad habit of choosing characters to cosplay that no one would ever recognize and then I get really discouraged. But I just love Husky and I think it'd be super cool to combine my love of cosplay with my love of merswimming. I guess I was mostly curious if anyone else has read +Anima or what you guys think of Husky's design. I really love hos modest the top is and even my boobishness could be easily hidden for this crosplay.