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11-17-2016, 02:02 PM
Hello everyone! I would like to introduce you to my book series that I have self published. The story originally got its start in 2006 on Fictionpress.com. Due to its popularity, I had since taken the story to a professional level draft, after draft, after draft until finally publishing it myself the summer of 2015.

Marie is confident that her senior year in High School will be her best one ever. That is, it would have been, if a chapter of Marie’s past had remained closed. High School soon becomes the least of her worries when Marie finds more adventure than she could ever imagine. Forced to come face to face with her biggest fears, and the possibility that one of her friends may not live through the school year, she also comes face to face with a creature of myth. Dorian is a young merman that doesn't know when to just say “no” to a dare and leave humans alone. Later, when an assignment from his teacher leads to a daring chase through the shallows, his curiosity (and a low tide) forces him to the surface world and to certain death. Luckily a human sees him and comes to his rescue… except that humans are cruel and will torture and kill him on sight, or so he was taught to believe. Challenging the teachings of his culture, Dorian is driven to uncover the truth, even if it takes him to the bottom of the ocean or inside a whale.

Since it's release it has gained 10 Reviews on Amazon and 90 likes on the Facebook page. If I could reach 20 reviews on Amazon, the book will then be featured more on the site as a suggestion to buyers. I had sent out to agents and publishing companies to be published the traditional way, but no one was interested in it. They do not feel like my story would do well in their market. On my own, so far, I have sold over 70 copies since it's release. I would like to get mermen more out there in literature that is fun and adventurous without having to be a romance novel.

Currently, I am working on the second book, Split Tail, that I hope to release next year.

You can find my work here: