View Full Version : Not happy with Finfolk

02-21-2017, 11:15 PM
I would like to think that I am a reasonably understanding person. Recently, the ladies at Finfolk Productions had a family emergency so my concerns of a broken zipper on my mythic tail were put on the back burner because I would hope for the same understanding were I in that situation. Sorry for the run on sentence.
I was able to send back my tail for repair, however it has been almost four weeks since I've heard anything back. Since I bought my mythic tail, I sold my old one. Because of this I have missed many deadlines for my company resulting in losing credibility with brands and sponsors because of this hold. To me, this customer service is absolutely unacceptable. A simple email saying they were working towards my order would have sufficed. When I am checking my email and their Instagram several times a day and seeing nothing in my inbox, but many Instagram posts a day going about their business like nothing has happened is very frustrating. I've also noticed that other mers are having a hard time getting an idea of what's going on. I'm more than happy to remove this review if they would just get back to me. I don't even care if the stupid zipper is fixed or not. I just need it back and I'll fix it myself.