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Mermaid Imperia
03-11-2017, 12:58 PM

I've been looking at a few companies that make silicone mermaid tails, and from what I've seen, the MerNation, MerTailor, and Finfolk Productions tails seem to be the most popular. I wanted to buy a tail from MerTailor, but I've seen some really bad reviews. Finfolk Productions have sold out on every tail in their shop, so I can't buy anything from there. It seems from most reviews that I watch, MerNation makes the best tails.

I am willing to spend anywhere from $500 to $4000 for the mermaid tails. Which of these three companies make the best mermaid tails? Do all the tails have drain holes so the fluke tail will not bubble? If you have any tails from these companies, what are your reviews?

Thank you so much!

Mermaid Tami
03-11-2017, 01:19 PM
Check out mermaid kariel's Tail of Art she is amazing! My tail is from her!!!!! I believe they start at 2900.00 (the tail in my photo is not my silicone tail from her)

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03-11-2017, 03:03 PM
Hi there! We would love to chat with you regarding a potential tail :D feel free to send us an email directly at TheMerNation@gmail.com so we can answer any questions and help you make a decision, whether that's with us or not!