View Full Version : Mermaid photo shoot vacation opportunity!

03-24-2017, 01:13 AM
My grass roots entertainment company, Velvet Revolution is putting together a mermaid photoshoot excursion in Las Vegas.
An amazing art photographer a grand poolside setting and YOU in your beautiful mersona! This can go two ways; a very limited attendance VIP trip or a mermaid slumber party where the more the merrier and the less the cost! We will do whichever has the most interest. People are also welcome to arrange their own accommodations and just attend the photo shoots. This will be 3 nights 4 days, 2 days of photo shoots. This is a room and photography package. Dates are not yet set and depend on the schedules of the photographer(s) and the merticipants and the hotel. The dates will either be April 27 - May 23 or Sept 13 - Oct 23.