View Full Version : [NO END DATE] MerNetwork Challenge - Mermaid with their Friends!

Rebela Hunter
07-17-2017, 02:30 AM
I haven't seen much activity in the challenge part of this forum, so here's one for you guys! <3
Mermaids have all sorts of friends - animals, humans, and other mers alike!
Show a photo of you with your friends!
You can post multiple photos!
There is NO END DATE, and is an ongoing challenge!


Mermaid Bree
07-17-2017, 12:35 PM
Or Barnacles on your butt.

Mermaid Joie
07-17-2017, 01:57 PM
Haha I love this! but I can't get any of my friends to actually try swimming with me. Do you have any ideas or related thread on how to convince them? I have a great idea for this challenge. :) though it may take a few weeks. Hehe I am so excited.

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mermaid anastasia
07-21-2017, 09:30 PM
I plan to teach my nephews James (6) Bentley (4) And my niece Makienzie (8) with my friend Jessicas help at Alexander Springs on labor day will definitely try to post pictures anyone is more than welcome to join us

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