View Full Version : Mertailor SPELLBOUND info?

07-31-2017, 10:29 PM
Salutations MerNetwork!
I was wondering who has a Spellbound tail, and if maybe they could enlighten me. Are the foot-straps anything like the straps of the Mahina or Finis Foil? I just recently ran across a set of Spellbounds(not Allures, i checked) that had been made seamless. Is that an option when purchasing? Does anyone own and have photos with their Sirena fluke for size reference? How was the ordering process? Any strange scale malformations?

08-02-2017, 05:12 PM
Hey there! my mersister and I both have spellbounds.
I don't have any experience with those other monofins, but the spellbound straps are made of a thick durable silicone. so yes! very similar to the mahina from what I've seen. Spellbounds are not seamless, however ALL spellbounds now come with blended seams free of charge. Mertailor's customer service is phenomenal! Ordering from them was a real pleasure. Expect your tail in 2.5-3 months. The only scale issues we have are a few tiny air bubbles on some of the scales. barely noticeable. However, Mertailor changed their scale mold and all current orders are being made with this new mold. The old scale mold was very old and that's probably why there were bubbles, and even still they look amazing. their new scale mold looks very consistent, and doesn't seem to have any obvious misformations.