View Full Version : Looking for Guidance on MAUI

01-31-2018, 09:57 PM
Salutations Maui Mermaids!
Come June my husband and I will be on Maui from the evening of the 28th until sometime around the 17th of July. I would love to get in some Mer-time either solo or, preferably, with some local mers and am wondering where the best lagoons are. It'd also be nice to hit some of the non-tourist activities on the island, as my husband has never left the mainland, let alone been to any Islands. Please let me know if you're interested in swimming with me or have any location reccomendations for whilst I am on your beautiful island.

On a separate note; We are arriving two nights ahead of our family, so are wondering about the best camping spots on the Island/the best mers to stay with should any be willing to welcome us into their home(s).

Hoping the winter is treating you all with lovely weather and I'll catcha' later!
~Mermaid Sif