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04-12-2018, 11:29 AM
Hi all! I had been considering purchasing a Mythic from tomorrow's sale, because I adore the black and purple colors, but I am wavering. It is also my dream to get a silicone tail from the twins. Money is tight, as I'm a stay-at-home mom trying to start my own business, so with the long wait times for silicone tails I thought a mythic might be a nice compromise.

However, a few of my pod mates have expressed concerns about the fragility of the scales and their tendency to fall off. One of my pod mates had purchased a gen 2 Mythic, but wound up selling it because of these factors.

I've been trying to get opinions from mers who own the Mythics in particular, but anyone's opinion is welcome. I've been having trouble finding reviews beyond initial unboxing videos. What say you, Mernetwork? Would it be a good investment to purchase a Mythic now, or should I hold on to my money for the dream silicone tail?

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Mermaid Chloe-Marie
04-12-2018, 02:34 PM
I would say save for your dream tail. It'll be well worth the wait!

Mermaid Whisper
04-12-2018, 03:28 PM
I'd say save if you're unsure. That $975 could get you a lot closer to your dream tail!

I've also heard about the scales falling off and have seen a lot of those tails for sale used, presumably because it's more maintenance than people thought.

The wait is always frustrating, but it'll be so worth it to have something beautiful, durable, and all your own.

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04-12-2018, 11:20 PM
Theyíre hard to clean, difficult to manage, and youíre probably better off putting the money towards a full silicone especially when funds are already tight

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04-12-2018, 11:40 PM
Thank you for your input, everyone. I hope the girls take commissions again soon. :)

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Mermaid Holly
04-13-2018, 07:35 PM
As an owner of a mythic, I would say, save for your dream tail. They are incredibly fragile and difficult to clean. I still love mine, but I would not buy another.

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04-14-2018, 07:24 PM
As a FF silicone tail owner and now a new Mythic owner (got the Midnight Magic yesterday) save for your dream tail. Mythics are beautiful but will be hard to clean and can be cumbersome. I plan on only using it for land events and pools only since the scales may come off and scales will be easy to find in a pool. I know I bought one despite the cons but I couldnít pass up the black lol! And I already own my dream tail 🖤

04-20-2018, 02:33 PM
If this helps I've been eyeing this tail on etsy from mermaid millie she does a full silicone tail starting at $900 and does payment plans so you already have enough you should contact her with your dream design

04-20-2018, 10:48 PM
Oh no, this makes me nervous because I bought one of their mythics with a full size fluke. It was $1,750 with a dorsal fin and now I'm wondering if I should have just saved my money for a silicone?

I planned on wearing the tail in springs, but should I worry about scales falling off all the time?

I happened upon the sale and I couldn't pass it up! Luckily they tend to have a good resale value so if it's not as great as they seem to be I could resell it :(

04-20-2018, 11:24 PM
Oh please don't worry, Jessabelle! They are gorgeous tails, I was just looking to see what other's opinions are. :)

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07-09-2018, 09:06 PM
Hi podmate!! So Iíve been able to swim in my Mythic tail in my lined inground pool for 20+ hours now, and Iím feeling pretty lucky because I have had 0 issues with the scales. I was worried about getting a Mythic because of all the owner feedback on the scales popping off, but I have had no problems so far. On that same note, one of my new mersisters who has swam in my pool twice has had scales pop off of her Mythic each time. Weíve sewn them back on right away, so none have been lost.

For cleaning, I rinse it out well after a swim and occasionally take a wipe to the inside of the footpockers in the monofin and between the monofin and fluke on the front and backside. I have a usb desk fan that I stick into the bottom of the tail right up against the monofin and I let that dry it overnight-definitely does the trick to make sure the fluke gets dried out, you just need to make sure itís a small fan and it fits right inside and isnít going to stretch or damage the fabric or fall out. I also have used both the blowdry and the ďwhip that tail open and stick a box fan in front of itĒ method, and Iím a fan of the latter. I can go to bed while my tail dries out without having to spend a lot of time with my blowdryer.

The tail is stunning in pictures. My arctic blue is the same color as my pool, but the iridescent scales make it so that it doesnít completely disappear. Iím super happy with it, but also look forward to one day having a silicone.

Mermaid Tealfire
07-10-2018, 05:13 PM

Your mythic is gorgeous! [emoji7]

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07-10-2018, 05:36 PM
Thank you!! I love it so much.