View Full Version : Mermaids in Japan? 日本のマーメード?

10-03-2018, 12:27 AM
Probably a shot in the dark, but anyone here Japanese or living in Japan? I currently live in Mie-ken. I want to meet other mermaids here ^^
If you speak Japanese, let's chat~~

だれか日本人とか日本に住んでいる人いますか?今は三重県に住んでいます。他のマーメードに会 いたい ^^

01-31-2021, 05:39 AM
Coming into this super late. Iím moving to Japan soon and wanted to start up a pod if I canít find any. I know there is a mermaiding group on the island Iím heading to but itís been silent. Iíve been landlocked for almost a decade so Iím ready to shake things up in the are so I can have mer friends to go out with :)

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Mermaid Fina
01-31-2021, 07:07 AM
I dont know where they are but i heard mermaiding is trendy in Japan so sure dont lose hope your gonna find other mers there for sure if you seek for them long enough :).