View Full Version : Fund Raise?

01-15-2019, 06:41 PM
Any suggestions for raising money for a tail???

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Mermaid Delphinidae
01-17-2019, 01:02 PM
Thereís a thread around here somewhere with suggestions, but Iím on mobile so I canít link right now.

My suggestion is, make it a point to save money over time. How much does the tail you want cost, and when do you want it? If the tail you want is $100, and youíre willing to wait three months, thatís $33 a month. Thatís manageable for most people. See if there are some costs you can cut down on a bit to save money.

Depending on what company or maker you want to buy from, they may offer sales, so try to find out when those happen. For example, FinFolk sometimes has misprint tails at a discount, and FinFun has sales frequently.

Try to see if there are ways you can earn extra money. If you have a job, try to see if you can get extra hours at work, or try to look for jobs you can do on the side, like dog walking or lawn care or Uber. If you have art skills, you may be able to sell crafts. You can see if there are local events, like fairs or something, where you can get a job for a few weekends.

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