View Full Version : HOLY STARFISH! (I had no idea how much drama ther was in the mermaid community) LMFAO

Rain Hauger
04-05-2012, 10:48 AM
For Starters,
I am truely shocked about how much drama there is in the mermaid community.
I am very very new to mernetwork and I have found it informant and useful.
Plus I like getting peoples opinions on things where mermaids are concerned, seeing has how i live in the desert and mermaids are a endangered species out here.
so anywho!
Drama, merman of merman is there ever some drama.
I have even felt a little of it on the few threads i have posted or replied to. now grant it it wasn't blown out or massive attacks lol but a few of the replies felt alittle like undeserved rudeness i suppose. (IDK maybe i took it the wrong way)
I orginally wanted to connect with my merfamily. talk about ideas, discuss tails, and swimming habits lol.
But lately a lot of post seem to be going the way of highschool in the Drama department (and no i don't mean theatical arts.)
there's a lot of he said she said bull. no again freedom of speech and if I don't want hear it i shouldn't read it, i agree.
I am just posting this to say i am shocked by the drama.
part of me is afraid to reply to post and even start threads due to fact that I don't want to accidentally start something.
in my most personal opinion, I love everyone and everyone deserves a fair chance. I give people and mers the benfit of the doubt. I like to meet people first before i judge them.
I understand there are cold people out there. and then there are great people out there.
Reading a post and deciding is very onesided, I think judging a person should be a little more complexed and should be done by your personal opinion and expreiences.

I do have one personal issue and I don't claim to know anything about the war going on between these two mers. but a Quote said really go to me.
"Some of them...the worst...are also into clowns and circuses and shit. Carnie mermaids are lame."
Now to be clear I have not read the enitre post inwhich this was inbedded, So I'm if this was taken out of context or not.
But to say I am personally attatched to this comment cause my family comes from a very long line of gypsy carnival people. in the modern times our personal family heritage has since died and we no long travel but I am very close to travellers that run the traveling carnivals. I'm talking about the small ones that are all family and friend runned. I even almost married into the Carnival family when i was 16, but the boy i was in love with was more concerned about me finish my education. he didn't want me living on the road lol.
I consider myself carnie mermaid by blood and love. and I do not feel I am Lame.
but again I wish i could read the whole post so I can fully understand the context.
so there, there is my two sand dollars.
I really want to enjoy mernetwork and meet other mers.
So any who yup that's my thoughts. I'm not bashing anyone just stating i am shocked by all the drama lol
thnks for reading and hope everyone has a great mer-day