View Full Version : MT Mer :o

03-08-2019, 12:23 AM

So, I'm Hope :) Very new member, very new 'mer'.

I've been a little highly obsessed with mermaids for..oh, I don't know..since I could actually choose to like something? :D Although after many years of convincing my parents that using a monofin/tail, I've just got my first Fin Fun AMP! I'm also recently new to Montana :) Which, compared to my childhood state (WA), is a little on the less..active side, when it comes to mermaids, hehe.

Anyhow, I'm 'hoping' to get to know some local peeps on here! You know, as not to feel so, distant? :p

02-02-2020, 11:54 AM
Hi there!! I'm not sure if you are still active on this thread or not, but I'm a Montana mer as well! if you are looking for a Pod to join, feel free to look me up :D I'm growing a pod on Facebook under the name Mountain Mermaid Pod. I hope to see you there!!