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03-18-2019, 10:17 AM
We don't seem to have a thread for this stuff that I can find so I figure I'll start one.

Here's a video showing a Octavia Circlet!


Trade Winds
03-24-2019, 03:44 PM
I'm interested in their current scale tops cuz they are so cheap, but it is hard to trust online size guides when you're a 32DD

03-08-2020, 05:17 PM
I may also create a separate thread for this, but it seems to fit nicely here too.

I recently purchased loose mythic scales from Finfolk as part of their Leap Year sale for a craft project (I'm graduating with my Bachelor's and want to decorate my graduation cap with them!)

Anyway, I ordered them on Saturday, Feb. 29. They shipped on Monday, March 2 and arrived on Wednesday March 4. I didn't pay for express shipping, so I'm super impressed they arrived so quickly!

Some background/relevant info: I've owned three mythic tails in the past, and I'm familiar with scuffing/cracking and what used scales look like. Upon arrival and inspection, all the scales seem to be in "used" condition. Each scale has scuffing, mostly on the top parts by the holes. Some scales have extensive scuffing all over them. And all the scales seem to have been in water - they have spots/"stains" on the backs of them and a couple have these spots on the front iridescent part. Some of the spots cover a good chunk of the surface of the scales. Having owned mythics in the past, these scales seem to have been used and the damage does not seem like "shipping damage."

I was not expecting each scale to arrive in perfect condition, as I know how easily they scratch and scuff. But seeing as it's every scale that has some sort of minor (or moderate) scuffing, I'm a bit disappointed. Mainly wondering if this condition is normal for mythic scales to arrive in or if these scales were "leftovers" or something like that? They will still be beautiful on my graduation cap and the damage will not be visible in any graduation pictures, but I'm slightly disappointed that there are so many imperfections on scales that I assumed would be "like new."

Wondering if anyone else has similar experiences or knows if this is normally how mythic scales arrive? If it is all just shipping damage, the scales are more fragile than I thought they were; if not, I'm somewhat disappointed in the quality and condition of the scales. I've attached a picture as proof of purchase, but currently don't have a phone to take detailed pictures of the scales (I dropped it in water, how ironic). I plan on doing so in the next week(ish) when I get a new phone.


06-27-2020, 01:16 PM
Wow, it's been a hot minute. Forgive me for being so late on doing this, the past few months have been absolutely crazy. Anyway, I have a picture of the scales I posted about a few months ago. The file sizes are too big for me to upload more than one? But these two scales in particular are a good representation of the slight damage I was talking about. They have been in storage in the original plastic bags since I received them. I recently took them out and took pictures of them (with my new phone) and then used them on my graduation cap. In photos, they look great! Close-up, they look scratched and slightly damaged.

Again, just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences with their scales already looking "used" or scratched upon arrival?