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07-16-2019, 11:35 AM
I was going to post a review in the review threads but I didnít see her business there so Iím posting here!
This girl extremely talented and so easy to communicate with. I absolutely love my tail, top, and bracers. I had ordered a used fluke (by mermaid kariel) and asked haley to make a skin for it. She is very respectful and asks the tail makers if they are okay with her making skins for their flukes. Kariel gave us the green light and haley got right on it! I got to pick out little creatures to add on like starfish or seahorses. The paint matches the fluke amazingly and she gave me colorshifting stripes which bland into the tail giving a fun effect. The seams could be better but this was the first skin with the scale sheet she made. It took a few months to complete and i got to receive it at mermagic con. Iíve had the tail about 5 months now and the paint has not chipped, there is no scrapes, fades, or any damages. Iíd say this tail is my favorite now and even beat my spellbound. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190716/b2b1d9621f742dd1ebcd509fe040ffbc.jpg

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05-24-2023, 04:30 AM
So great. I like your used fluke idea. it's very impressive
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