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Mermaid Persephone
09-16-2019, 11:01 AM
I've been posting about my new (and first!) Silicone tail everywhere and thought it was time to post here as well, so we fintastic mers have a place to talk about Sammi's work.

This is my tail, Lí Ban. She is just under 30 pounds, deep green with gold ghost pigments everywhere. She looks different at every angle. The fluke shape was based on betta fish and Sammi has the same one on the tail she made herself (first tail), though mine has differently shaped scales. This tail is individually hand-scaled and features more than 3000 scales total. I can poke, tug, prod and the scales remain in place. I can also lift them slightly away from the body, and they make the most satisfying sound when I stroke them.

The monofin was a bit tight at first, but I've discussed this with Sammi and she is already on what she would need to do for the next tail. The scales also can hide sand and water, so she requires a little more work to clean, but that's okay.

This tail GLOWS underwater. I'm eager to get back some videos from swimming in Hawaii. I've already dragged her around over volcanic rock, through the ocean, in pools of all depths. While there is a little scuffing on the fluke (which Sammi said may happen with rougher use), the scales are still pristine. This tail has already taken a lot. It is a hardy tail.

Anyway, here are some photos of my beauty. The little details are the best, such as the heart formed in the center of the fluke. I have had this tail just under a month and I already adore it.

Ugh... edit to add that my phone isn't letting me upload right now. I'll add some when I can use my computer