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06-23-2021, 08:18 PM
Why is so hard for me to pick a mersona for Mermaid Lilac? I want to be unique so bad but creating characters is the best for me and I wanna prove to everyone that I can do this I just need help. I want to be something happy, good. But I'm broken to a core with a little light of goodness.
I tried to put color together but I lose hope.

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Mermaid Jaffa
06-24-2021, 04:37 AM
Its easy. Pick a place, be it country or city, and make up a relatable story.

06-24-2021, 09:10 AM
Maybe you're having trouble because you're not identifying with your character? I personally find it easier to be yourself.
Like sure you can exagerate some things and like creating a new backstory can be really fun but don't let it get to the point of stressing you out.
Also I kow how overwhelming it can be to find something good and bright in your life and how some times you can have trouble relating to it,
but please dont loose hope. Just keep working on it take your time and most importantly have fun after all isnt that what mermaiding is all about?
Anyways sorry if that got a little ramble-y hope you find It useful. And if you ever just want someone to talk to feel free to leave me a message I might not always reply right away (time zones are weird) but I'm on here almost every day and am a very good listener.

Mermaid Jaffa
06-25-2021, 08:34 AM
You'll be fine. It took me 7 yrs before I decided to have a mersona!

Previously, I never saw the point of having one, as I just saw mermaiding as a swimming exercise, so having a personal story or background seemed stupid. It wasn't until recently, that I decided to add a backstory to Mermaid Jaffa. I have also started drawing, sketching and watercolors to add a little bit of flair and excitement to Jaffa. Yes, I say that in third person! I have a few things relatable to Jaffa. She has big black eyes, no eyelids. Irl, I wear glasses and have bad astigmatism, my eyes look big because of my thick glasses. I like swimming in shallow water but Jaffa lives in the deep darkness of the Mariana Trench.

See? Just make the story believable enough but not too extreme like Ocean Princess because that's what every new person does. Good luck with finding your mersona. It may take weeks, months even years to find yours. Who knows where it'll lead you.