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Mermaid Sirena
05-29-2012, 05:35 PM
Alright so I'm seeking some help/advice, I have a (used) MVD tail and am trying to become an accomplished swimmer in it however I am having a great deal of difficulty keeping me feet in the foot pocket. It occurred to me the other day that it may be because the tail is to long/tall for my frame (as I stand at a bold 5'2") there are wrinkles I can never fully get rid of because the tail (while being used) is always pushed down my body to a certain point where it rests. I feel like there is to much silicone for a tiny person of my stature and as such I wont be able to fit into it unless I cut a few inches off the top.

Has anyone else had experiences like this? Any advice or suggestions?

05-29-2012, 06:01 PM
I have heard this as a common reason for people selling their MVD tails. So I dont think you're alone.
I find silicone will get wrinkles no matter how good the fit, simply because it slides around when you're in the water. I have found that wearing tights underneath it gives the silicone something to grip onto and then it stays specifically in one place and will wrinkle a heck of a lot less. It's hard to get on with tights though, I find I gotta be in the water. And I gotta take my time and make sure it's on exactly how I want it because it wont move. Sometimes I dont have all the wrinkles smoothed out and I figure once I get moving it'll move anyway- nope. lol I have learned to just take the 10 minutes or so to get the thing on when I wear tights, and make sure it's smoothed out and exactly as I want it because with tights it wont budge

Hopefully that'll help you!

05-30-2012, 07:23 AM
^ im so glad you are here raina! Invaluable insight I tell ya- invaluable!!!

Mermaid Sirena
05-30-2012, 05:03 PM
Oh lord it already takes me 30+ minutes to put the tail on. I don't think tights would help because when I bend my torso it forces the tail down so that it sits on a certain part of my hips & once there it stays perfectly its just that there is just enough material to push the whole thing down those few inches. Pretty much it comes up nearly to my boobs but naturally it wont stay there... I was thinking if I cut a couple inches off the top it would fit much better cause it wouldn't have that issue, but I'm petrified to alter it in anyway >.<

05-30-2012, 08:08 PM
You could get someone else to alter it if they know what they are doing.