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07-29-2011, 09:40 PM
Hi, I'm Michael, sometimes Micha, known to mer yuku users as Mikamer. I was sort of infamous over there as a shit diturber and I hadn't actually planned on joining up here until invited.

I haven't been involved in the mer-community a whole lot but I've always been a fan of pirates and talk like a pirate day etc. I do plan on getting a relistic tail though. My other hobbies include online games, big into comics, DnD, and I'm a total man-child who collects Action Figures.

I'm going to start writing editorials on here, I think it's the best way I can contribute to the communtiy since I'm pretty board and computer savvy. (savvy?) So what's an editorial? Why read this my good fellow http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/editorial

I've got a few restrictions though after talking to Winged Mermaid about my previous behaviour. So here's how it's going to go. I have my own research consisting of my own experience within the community, lurking, and screenshots etc. but I want YOU to contribute as well. I'm going to post a topic ahead of time so you know what it is. You can PM me or email me at mikamer75@yahoo.com to share your opinion,experience, and your own links and screenshots etc. YOU CAN BE KEPT ANONOYMOUS. After my last post I know a bunch of you got accused of "being me" which is total BS and certain mermaids were sending people constant messages, well this way you dont have to keep your name to anything so long as you're telling me your true experience and anything else you can back up with evidence I will post it in my editorial.

My editorials will not be "negative" they will be critical. So they will look at the good and bad, along with suggestions and have a place for opinion.

The first two topics I will be writing an editorial on are:
The WMAs (I will do a Pre editorial, and a Post after attending)

I think these are two VERY hot topics in the community today. So PM or email me your experiences and opinions on either of these topics and I'll get writing an editorial over the weekend and I will TRY to be polite.