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07-31-2011, 12:10 AM
Okay, I know right away this is going to be touchy but it's bugging me. The new Mermaid magazine. I am 99% happy with it- I think it's great we're getting one for all the stuff going on. I think the direction it seems to be going is really great.
There is one think that irks me. Eric's tail on the cover. How many screenshots do I have of that guy saying how much he hates the community? A lot. He says a lot more but deletes stuff right after he posts it or if he gets bad responses.

Now, Chris Crumblys photos are fantastic. So Im torn. Im happy for Chris since he took the photo and it's certainly a good photo and worthy of a cover shot. But am I the only one who doesn't like the idea of a community hater who causes so much drama and makes nasty posts directed at this website and the community on the cover and taking credit for it on his page???

Now, a lot of people wont what to respond to this, since Mr Mertailor has taken to callouts and quoting innocent members on his status. If anyone here so much as looks at him the wrong way they are blacklisted form mertailor services and subject to public humiliation ... so...

feel free to NOT comment. Simply select the option you agree with on the poll.

disclaimer: this is no way an attack on the mermaid magazine, it's editors, or participators. I have no expectation of the cover being changed. Just making a point