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08-20-2012, 05:32 PM
Bought from: Magictail.de
Color: Marina
Cost: 149.90 euros plus shipping (14.90 euros). Total= 164.80 euros (aprox. $200 US)
Rating: five stars.

I bought this tail to use as a toy, that is, just for swimming and have fun with it; maybe some personal pics, but nothing professional. I think the seller intended this tail to use for make-believe, playing and swimming, not for professional mermaids as a work tool.

I did not have any problems while on the website. “English” can be selected as language so one does not need to struggle with German. There is available a size chart to check on the measurements for the tail, the monofin and the bra size, both in inches and European sizes, and the FAQ answered all the questions I had. There is an Exchange rate converter in the website, so you can know how much the costs are in your currency. Payment options include PayPal and credit cards.
The site requires to make an account to buy, but it also has a small community of users, and you are able to upload pictures and make contacts.
It took a week for them to ship my tail, and I received an e-mail once it was out, with a tracking number to follow it. Once shipped, it took one week to receive the package at my place; I live in Europe.
The tail arrived packaged in a strong cardboard box, inside a plastic bag, with an instruction sheet on how to use it and how to take care of it. It also came with a matching bra and bikini bottom, made from the same fabric as the tail, and a white protective shell to cover the monofin.

The tail itself:
The tail is made from swimsuit-like fabric, printed with a scale pattern. It has a distinctive front and back. It is very soft, and stretches slightly.
The monofin has a dolphin-like fluke shape. It’s transparent and very floppy, and it can be taken out.
The white protective shell is made of polyester. It looks like fleece to the touch. Its use is required to not damage the skin of the tail while in use.

Use in water:
I have only used it 3 times in water, but I was happy with the performance. I do not think it was heavy, but I have no other tails to draw a comparison. However, since it is made of fabric, it has pros and cons:
Pros: easy to put on and take off; easy to wash and fast to dry; easy to transport (it is very light and not very big); it does not move at all while in use; the monofin does not have straps and it does not lose grip while swimming.
Cons: it is made of fabric, so it can easy rip or get damaged by ocean floor or rocks while swimming; it gets sand inside, specially at the tips of the fluke – to take the sand out you have to turn the fabrics inside out; heels are visible.

Notice the heels

I do not have big plans for this tail, so I think it serves its purpose quite well. I also do not get the chance to swim often, and for that I guess it will last.

Here is a video I made of it when it came, so you can check out color, package and everything it came with, since I did not take pics:


This is all I can think about. If anybody has questions, I'll be happy to answer them.