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08-24-2012, 03:22 PM
This is a thread to continue discussing Merman_Shawn's designs for merman fashion accessories, which were originally posted as part of theAugust MerNetwork Challenge: Merman Fashion Design (http://mernetwork.com/index/showthread.php?2537-AUGUST-MERNETWORK-CHALLENGE-MERMAN-FASHION-DESIGN/page5). When I made that challenge I was really hoping that we could start to come up with ideas for merman fashion accessories, and I don't want people to stop thinking about that just because the challenge is over. We can keep thinking of ideas, and I'd love to see this stuff made! Below is a copy of Merman_Shawn's post in the original thread.

My submission!
Here we have a mid-drift net tank, with shoulder armor, wrist cuffs, a short net cape, a diving knife, a net belt with pouch, and a cone shell tail accessory.
The shoulder armor is made of old half-gallon milk jugs, sanded and spray-painted to a metallic shine. Fishing weights are attached to the underside of each plate to prevent them from floating up around your head in the water.
The "pendents" or buttons are made of embossed metal. This is a very easy technique, as demonstrated in this woman's video:
The same technique is used for the wrist cuffs.
The netting for the tank-top, cape, and belt can either be purchased or made, as demonstrated here:
The straps for the armor, the hemming of the shirt, and the pouch on the belt; Are made of neoprene, sponge painted to look like brown leather.
The clip on diving knife can be purchased at many scuba shops and online locations.

Yes, there will be some oxidation on the metal pieces. To avoid this, the metal should be treated with something like maybe clear nail polish.