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06-19-2013, 12:51 PM
Petition: Mermaid/Merman Tails

Getting Enough People To Say They Are Safe To Use, Not A Hazard, And Good Exercise:

My Petition involves getting enough people to sign this Petition, in order to see that there are enough people that swim in these tails and feel the same way I feel that these tails are safe to swim in and should be allowed at public pools here in Texas and local pools in local School Districts like Northside and Northeast these are the biggest School Districts in San Antonio that either have banned these tails already or are almost close to it… Around the world and here in Texas without being harassed like it’s a safety hazard or lifeguards not trained to safe people with tails if there every were an issue… Not only can’t we swim in the costume part that costs the most money that these tails with the Monofin which some tails are very pretty and are great to look at, but we can’t even wear just the Monofin because most people whom I have been in contact with say it is a hazard to and creates to much speed and may injure someone else in the pool… I can see when this becomes a problem with the pool getting crowded and I do as many others probably do as well take it off so lanes can be shared…
I with knowing that I have been swimming in these tails for at least 3 years now and getting to know how they work, I have not had an issue not even coming close to drowning or needing a lifeguard, and they I feel need to be focused on everyone and not just a mermaid/merman or whatever that is in the pool we should be treated like everyone else, even if we are getting looked at, I don’t really care about that or if someone does not like it or wants to complain to the main office…
Lastly, I feel that swimming in these tail not only is safe and not a hazard but a great form of exercise with a great feeling of energy that you get afterwards with a great ways in many different ways of swimming aspects can be learned such as the Dolphin Kick and Breath Stroke and Butterfly to name a few things you can do, as well as training for shows to make money… But in the end here I need you to please help me out and sign you name to this Petition so we can then show people that these are safe and fun to use and great for exercise… This Petition serves as one person’s opinion on this issue and I would like to see more people join in on this issue as well by creating more Petitions on the Same kind of ideas that I have in my Petition and any more ideas that might help this along…

06-19-2013, 01:30 PM
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06-19-2013, 05:22 PM
the tricky thing about this is that all tail makers do say that there's inheritable danger in swimming in a mermaid tail. I think it might be better to petition the use of monofins, as they're the base for most mermaid tails and if people can see them working safely they'll understand better about tails.

I feel so lucky to have not had any problem with this sort of thing.

06-19-2013, 05:39 PM
I being here in upstate NY don't really have a problem but only one place, an that is at our local YMCA. I can goto one of our local state camp grounds an as for me being an adult they don't say anything to me about not swiming in the roped off area.