View Full Version : Wedgie-Proof Swimsuit.

07-25-2013, 07:26 PM
So, earlier this year my grammy bought me a swimsuit to wear on the team. It was purchased from Kohl's, in the 7-16 girl's department and it's made by Speedo. It's a one piece, but it had a tag advertising wedgie-proof (which I've unfortunately thrown out) and well, for me it really is! I know under silicone (or any tail) many mers complain of the issue of wedgies and wearing thongs to deal with that instead. I've done very little research on finding another suit like this one as it has held up AMAZINGLY this summer so far, but if anyone needs a suit to replace a thong or just in general totally look into it.

Pictures, woo!


What makes it wedgie-proof? A thin piece of rubber toward the bum, close to the crotch in the back. It might even be silicone. There are two of them and I suppose you could even experiment making a suit like this yourself with any bikini bottom.

Sorry for all the pictures, lol. They're kinda big too--again, sorry. But I can't tell you how much I love this suit. I've swum really fast this year with this suit and I've literally only had to adjust the back of it maybe twice, maybe and that wasn't even near a wedgie but rather the fact that it's a speed-suit and doesn't cover my entire bum (but near close to it).

Totally recommend a suit like this if you can find it! Surely there's got to be some out there in bikini bottoms? Wearing my other two suits just feels so different compared to this one. :b