View Full Version : Does anyone own a Mermaid-Kat-Shop tail?

Mermaid Myu
08-05-2013, 02:28 PM
Hello folks! This is my first post. :p

I'm wondering if anyone has a tail from Mermaid-Kat-Shop in Germany? They're semi-realistic painted fabric tails with a Triton monofin (https://shop.strato.de/WebRoot/Store20/Shops/17642322/50FC/1333/42EB/643F/878E/C0A8/28BC/88EA/pink1.jpg). I personally think they're quite attractive for fabric tails, although the cost to me (including shipping) would be around $216 USD, a staggering amount when you consider it's still a spandex tail, not neoprene. :x

In my research on which monofin to buy to start my mermaid adventure, I decided I wanted to get the Triton, since it has a gorgeous fluke shape and would serve me well when it came time to make my own fabric tail. But the only shop where I could find them for sale was a European store whose shipping price put the total cost of the fin well over $100 on its own; way too much for a beginner's monofin! But then, what did I see but Mermaid-Kat-Shop, who not only sells these monofins but also uses them in her fabric tails. Hmm.

Now, considering that, on its own, the fin would be over $100, then the price of Mermaid Kat's fabric tail package (which conveniently also includes a matching top) is only $100 more. I would probably spend $100 making my own fabric tail and bikini top and it probably wouldn't look as good. So, aside from whether you think the quality of these tails is good, do you think that buying one is a good idea for a beginner? Am I getting a good value? Or are my assumptions about the value wrong, making Kat's tails overpriced?

Above all, what is the quality like? Is it worth the money? Are there other tails I should be investing in for the same/less money?

Thanks in advance for your help!

08-09-2013, 11:15 AM
I don't own one myself, but I've read several positive reviews of her tails on a German Mermaid forum.

The tail was compared directly to the MagicTail, which costs the same and looks similar.
It was said they preferred the looks from Kat's tail, because the scale print apparently looks almost 3 dimensional,
and the fabric might be sturdier than the MagicTails.
Kat has a real monofin in her tails (Magictail is only a plastic piece to hold the fluke shape), so all in all,
comparing those two manufacturers, Kat was lauded.

I have not bought so many things I wanted to aquire because of inordinate shipping costs!
It is why I get all my stuff local now, and made a bunch of tails myself.

If you are content with a fabric tail, I'd definitely recommend making one (or several!) yourself.
If you've never sewed before, the first one probably won't turn out too great, but you'll get the hang of it.
Buy the fabric and paint somewhere local, the material costs should be around 50.
Add a monofin to that, then you'll have the entire cost.

Mermaid Myu
08-14-2013, 09:29 PM
Thanks so much for your reply! It was really informative. Mermaid Kat's tails sound great, but I think in the end you're right and I'm taking your advice about making my first tail myself. Wish me luck! :D

08-16-2013, 04:38 PM
I hope you have fun making your tail! :)
It makes quite a difference to know you've made it all by yourself!

A warning though, it can be addictive.
I planned making one, maybe two tails (one for each monofin), and a few weeks later, the count is sitting at no less than 7, and the materials for 5 more are already in my corner lol.

But then, I'm crazy, so you'll be alright I guess :D