View Full Version : Need a kickass photo shoot location

09-12-2013, 08:51 AM
So once I've repaired my tail and received my scale bra from Raven I'm really keen on getting a photographer friend of mine to do a really good photo shoot for me. She doesn't have any water-specialised equipment, meaning the location of the shoot is super important, but, after damaging my tail after an incident last photo shoot in the ocean I'm sticking clear of it, meaning I'm looking for a pool location. So it needs to be really visually appealing more above the water than under it, so plants/rocks/water features, things like that like in this picture from Phoenix Mermaid's recent shoot:

If anyone could help me with a cool location like this I'd be one very happy mer! I live on the Tweed coast NSW, Australia but I'd be willing to travel an hour or in any direction for a location (no more than 2 hours away though please! I get super car sick, I'm just not a land person haha).

Thanks guys, all your help would be greatly appreciated!

Phoenix Mermaid
09-12-2013, 11:16 PM
awh <3... you used my picture. i feel special lol thank you :hug: