View Full Version : Does anyone know where can I find this?

Mermaid Kassandra
09-28-2013, 03:47 AM
Hello lovely mers! <3

a friend of mine who I involved in the mermaid-madness was looking at Mike's facebook pagne and found a green mermaid tail made for Mermaid Melissa that she loves more than anything!
She talks about that tail all the time and she asked me where she can find to buy it.

I told her that probabily the tail was sold to a private costumer as the other tails that Mike re-sold, but she was so sad that I decided to ask to you because I think you know more than me this things XD

Don't worry for the price sha can afford any kind of tail (she's very rich....lucky her!).

Anyway thanks to all of you that can help me find that tail for her :D

This is a pic I found to let you know of what tail I'm talking about because I always knew she had the blue and the red one...14874

09-28-2013, 04:18 AM
Did he (or Melissa) say it was for sale somewhere?

Honestly, that looks like it's her blue one, but the lighting (and possibly a photo-filter) made it seem green. It has the same dorsal and same fluke, etc.

If money isn't an object to your friend, she could probably commission Mike to make a tail in that color for her if he's got a spot open for orders.

Mermaid Kassandra
09-28-2013, 08:25 AM
We know nothing about this tail (no one said it was for sale but I think it was sold because Melissa's latex tail was sold and so her orange one) apart from something Mike wrote on his page as description for the first pic I used in my previous post "Mermaid Melissa in one of my green silicone tails/silicone shell tops".

I said to her to ask Mike if he could replicate this tail for her and she told me she send his two mails but it seems that Mike is untraceable (he didn't post anything on his facebook page from ages!), someone says that he is no longer offering his tails to the public... :(

We don't know what to do!

Mermaid Momo
09-28-2013, 03:26 PM
I dont think Melissa is selling that tail. If mike isn't responding to emails (which i believe is really common) contact another tail maker. Most tail makers refuse to make replicas of other tails, but if all she wants is a green tail, send the first picture (because the others look like her blue tail with lighting effecting it, or some editing.) and say that that's the color she wants her tail to be.

Mermaid Kassandra
09-29-2013, 08:18 AM
Ok thank you! I saw Mertailor made a tail like Melissa's blue one for Trina so I'll try to suggest to Erika (my friend) if she would like him to make a tail like the one in the picture...

And yes it seems that the other pictures are photoshopped with light effects...but I'm not sure ther's no evidence and I wonder how can you make something looking like this O.o

Anyway if someone can tell me anything else feel free to do it because I'll see Erika next week so there's a lot of time :D Thanks again!

Mermaid Kalliope
10-01-2013, 01:53 AM
Have you checked out Mernation and Finfolks? They seem to have some nice tails coming out! :D

Mermaid Kassandra
10-01-2013, 02:05 AM
Thank you Kailani! Iwas looking at Finfolk and I saw Amazing cretions! I didn't know Mernation but surely I'll check out them! ;)