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11-23-2013, 06:42 PM
So i have my third tail and i love day dreaming about my fourth.;)
my third one is from Magictail.de and it ripped on the first day :jawdrop: and i didn't even rub the tail on the floor or walls and we have a very smooth floor. :confused:

I was wondering if anyone has had a Merfolk tail and what they think of it.


11-23-2013, 09:36 PM
I don't have one, but they are the company I've been saving up for... I love their fin selections and package deals, the variety of fabrics, and so forth.

11-23-2013, 09:39 PM
ya me too but i was wondering because the pictures are a little weird if the flukes are all covered in fabric.

11-24-2013, 01:44 AM
The one thing I'm noticing is it looks like the "monofin" is just two regular diving flippers covered in fabric.

11-24-2013, 01:54 AM
The one thing I'm noticing is it looks like the "monofin" is just two regular diving flippers covered in fabric.

They are. I think only their La Sirene model has a real monofin. But at least in the descriptions they do say that they're separate "swim fins", so you know what you're getting before you order.

11-24-2013, 10:46 AM
Thats a little strange to swim in if its not glued together. :confused:

02-21-2014, 07:22 PM
Hi everyone. I don't have a tail from them at all since I'm a beginner mer who hopefully will have her first practice tail maybe this year. I am interested in getting a tail package from them with a few other things that arnt included in the tail package but they don't have my shade of blue that I really love but they do have my lighter shade of blue that I like and a nude color as well. Do you think I should go pro with this tail package and a few other things from them and a few other things that are from other mers that I need to get to complete my look once I have everything at home and how do I go about turning pro once I have everything like I said above? Cause it is the only package from a tail maker that I could get that won't cost me tons of money to get everything since I'm on ssd. I know the price of the package from them that I do like but I'm not sure about the price on an item since it isn't on her page. So if you can help me out with everything that I had to say above please let me know as soon as you can here or in the chatroom here. I also had a mer friend here and on Facebook since I'm not on a CPU to make a mer doll Devine pic of my mer look and I was wondering do you think I should post it now or do you think I should wait to get everything that I need so I can look close as I can to the pic. I hope to hear from some mer as soon as you can about everything that I said above. I would love to see some pics of other mers tails that you bought from them so I can get an idea on how theirs looks. :D :)