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02-26-2014, 10:14 AM
(wasn't sure where to put this thread!)

I was checking Reddit this morning and found this thread-- "What is something you can tell me about a company that will make me hate them forever?" there are a lot of good responses there putting more word out on crappy things companies have done, but I saw swimoutlet and frowned. That's where I get my monofin socks from! It's not as bad as a lot of the other posts on the thread, but I thought I'd share it because this person obviously didn't have good time working there.

02-26-2014, 01:03 PM
I don't know about the rest, because posts like that aren't proof of anything- but in general, I'll address a couple of that posters items. not on reddit, because I'm not a fan of that site.

1. That first item is unfortunately pretty common. Many companies hire people on a 90 day 'at will' contract. Sometimes through a temp agency, sometimes not. But that gives the company and the employee the chance to see if they are a fit, and to leave without hassle or notice or any kind severance. Some might not do a good job being clear about it, but it's more common than not.

6. Having at least part of IT out of country is extremely common these days. And it sucks, but it's a cost saving mechanism. Businesses are there to make money. We'd all like for them to also be eco-conscious, fair, aware and sensitive to employees needs, but you don't always get all these things together.

8. The profit margin issue is normal. Their methods might not be, but it's a discount outlet, and I'm not suprised if they received cheap merch from China. You get what you pay for and in some cases, it's cheap crap.

But what it all comes down to for me is that I won't take one person's opinion on Reddit as evidence of anything. It's just some guy on Reddit. If every word he typed is true, I don't see how he stayed there an entire year. He claims that he didn't know he was being screwed over until then, but what about all these other problems? Somehow they're horrible now, but he was cool working there the entire time? Nope, I don't give the Redditor who posted that a whole lot of credit based on his own story.

Also, checking elsewhere, SwimOutlet has some complaints but is still an A+ on the BBB (http://www.bbb.org/sanjose/business-reviews/internet-shopping/swimoutletcom-in-san-jose-ca-1000006187) site. You can also read the complaints there and their details. As a company who does a ton of business, keep in mind that a few mistakes will happen because they're human and not perfect.

So if you haven't had any problems with them, I personally would not let one angry ex-employee make me start ordering elsewhere. I'd need more evidence than just a rant on Reddit, personally.

02-26-2014, 01:19 PM
Maybe so, I generally don't believe everything I find in the internet of course, but I usually take firsthand accounts on Reddit pretty seriously (just me though I guess--I realize most consider that to be one of the less trustable sources for this sort of thing :P).

02-26-2014, 08:57 PM
This sounds to me like the person who is complaining either really doesn't quite understand how unfair a work environment can be, or is really over-dramatizing things. Like Surly said, if everything he typed was true, why did he stay so long?

Honestly, I've worked in companies way worse than this (in America, too, not Iran, which I'm not even going to go into on that one). It's not a nice thing to hear when you're young and maybe haven't gotten a hardcore full-time job yet, but these complaints this guy has are going to be pretty common issues in ANY unskilled worker oriented job. :(