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03-16-2014, 05:11 AM
Aloha! I am "curating" a mermaid exhibit at the request of the Ala Wei Condos (500 University, Honolulu.) They thought it would be interesting if the next collection was mermaid themed. One problem: I don't HAVE anything here to contribute! If you have an old tail, top(s), or mermaid memorabilia, PLEASE consider donating it to the exhibit. You will have ALL your things returned to you at the end of June. These things will be artfully displayed in their gallery from March 18-June 30. It will be in a locked display case, next to the security office. I will take statues, necklaces, art work, photographs, woodwork, ANYTHING merfolk- I will put it together with the two statues I have (a merman and a mermaid in Christmas stalkings holding drinks- each about 2 feet tall...) In lieu of pay, you will also be credited in the display as a contributor and I will list your mermaid name, company, and so forth for people to see as part of the display.

PS- I visit Honolulu often for work as an actor and have reached out to a few of the mermaids here on the island. It's so wonderful that wherever I go, I can find other fin-friends! I'm based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.