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Mermaid Melanie
04-11-2014, 06:49 AM
Okay Guys so I hope this can help in some way for anyone of you interested in hoe to train for freediving -remember, always have a buddy present, never dive alone and know your limits.

Please note I wrote these as a personal diary log to begin with as I didnt think I would be showing anyone lol but hope you enjoy reading them and again any questions are welcome ! :) x

Freediving Training and Competition Log

28th March 2014

So today I met with Walter Johnson at the pool in Chalong to train for the upcoming DNF Suunto series in association with We Freedive. Walter helped me work on my streamlining, arm recovery, getting the most out of my glide, my positioning, and my kick ( problem area ) and turns. He also helped me become acquainted with the protocol for clean dives for the competitions and we practised the protocol for each of the dives we did that day ( good to install good habits ! )
I managed to get my feet relaxed and into a nice position. Weight wise i used 1KG neck weight wearing a bikini , bibbed hood and sharkskin rashy, and this put me at a nice neutral buoyancy. I managed 2 or 3 - 25 meter dynamics and was really happy with that. We did some timed lengths for Walt - he was aiming to get his time down a bit and managed a cool 34 seconds - just what he was looking for - so overall was a good day !

NOTES - Work on letting that glide carry you, try and remember to do a nice SLOW arm recovery, work on that leg kick!

29th March 2014

Today I met up with Walt and Azam ( MYS ) Azam was training to try and beat the national DNF record (81meters, held by Kin Sing - friendly rival ) I watched on for a bit at his technique and he had a nice rhythm ( something I was struggling with - kicking and arm stroking at the same time wasting energy! ) I did my breathe up and got stuck in pulling out a 36 m DNF - i was really excited about that ! and it felt pretty comfortable! I need to work on coming up at the side as I was coming up midwater and having to swim to the side while taking off my facial gear and following surface protocol. Although I was well able to keep my airways clear of the water so I thought It wasnít such an issue for me then.

NOTES - Work on that kick, getting the most out of the kick glide. Get in the zone for the competition tomorrow.

( Competition results and Log in Freediving Competition Thread )

Friday 4th April 2014

Static and DYN ( Dynamic ) training with Walter Johnson.

So today Walter and I met at the pool around 9.40am to get some training done for the April DYN Wefreedive Suunto Competition. He gave me the footage from the competition ( edited and raw ) (Thanks Walt ! ) then we went down to get set up.

The weather was a bit drizzly after all this humidity we have been having and was very overcast so the pool was a bit cooler ( thank goodness ) I wore my 5mm wetsuit with shark skin rashy underneath and my hood.


We started off with a 3 min breathe up of relaxed tidal breathing, followed by 3 purge breaths, then a full inhale breathing from the belly then the chest then sipping in a little more. I was nice and relaxed in the water and my eyes were comfortably closed - normally open - One minute in I swallowed after feeling a little pressure build up then held on till 2:16. I was happy with this as a warm up as my PB was 2:37 before this. I calmly and slowly went through the surfacing motions and then on to perform the correct protocol.

2nd Static ( I usually find this one to be my best performance of the day )
3 min breath up, 3 purge breathes, full inhale. This time I was feeling discomfort early on, in my head I kept telling myself ďyou can do itĒ and Walter kept me on track keeping communication going. I almost gave up after 1:30 but once I passed the 2 minute mark it seems like time flew - Walter stopped telling me the time I had and when I was ready I began the surfacing motions and protocol. 3:03 ! New PB ! Very happy mermaid :D Walt got a picture of me with the stopwatch time and I couldnít wipe the smile off my face! I was happy to leave it there for the day - gradual adaptation is what Iím aiming for and I didnt want to get a lesser time and dishearten myself so we moved on to our DYN techniques.

Dynamic - Using SpecialFins Mermaid Melanie Monofin

Walter checked my positioning and undulation movements and seemed to be pretty happy with that, I need to remember to tuck in my pelvis more for that streamlined position. At first I did about 20m doing Kick, Glide,Kick, Glide. Then we tried Kick, Kick, Glide, which I felt gave me more momentum and was certainly faster. Walt asked me to try a continuous mono fin movement and this came more naturally to me and without a proper breathe up I managed a new PB of 56 meters ! Im pretty excited about what I may be able to achieve with more training ! Walt says 75 meters will be a very reachable goal for me ! We then moved on to working on my problem area which became evident on my DYN PB. Turns. I had a good laugh at how uncoordinated I can be when I over think things, I had to visualise the turns before I did them or they turned out pretty sloppy. We tried the straight legged, L shaped turn into the water (back to the wall ) which I felt I was pretty stiff with. Then moved on to an outside turn with the legs bent more behind my head (facing the wall) this turn worked so much better for me and felt so much more natural - I guess it is very mermaid like ! Walt said it was a very pretty turn so I was very happy with that - Hopefully with work on my turns I can knock out that few extra meters Ill be wanting for the competition ! :D

Walter wanted to work on his timing for one length of the pool for DNF so I jumped out and got the timer ready - previously he was getting 35 seconds with 2.5 strokes and was aiming to cut a few seconds off this ( a few seconds on one length is a lot more meters in a full attempt at a DNF ) He got a great start about 7 -8 meters on the push off and continued with his 2.5 stokes. After doing the workshop on DNF with Sarah Whitcher, his kicks became much more efficient and he looked very at ease and had good momentum. From push off to push off I clocked 32 seconds, which he was very happy with, for consistency he tried a few more and managed to keep the time down by reducing his kicks. A great days training ! Cant wait till the next one !

April 8th 2014

DYN + DNF Training with Walter Johnson

So today I had a bit of a sleep in! Training was to start at 9.30am and I woke up at 9.10am ouch ! but still made it to the pool in time. Was pretty dreary today the weather was very rainy and cloudy with thunder and lightening - I guess Iím solar powered because today I felt very tired very quickly !

We got started on my turns and after tweaking them slightly I was starting to feel I was getting more effective with them ( Mermaid Turn - my fav obv ) I tried the Natalia ( inwards L- shaped legs ) turn after this and got a few on the right track but find it slows me down and requires a lot more effort from my rested arm to turn me into the right position to continue. Very tiring practising turns in water a bit too deep to stand in ! Good hint for turns -

When you get to the T in the pool start to rotate the body and get into position - I did feel I was loosing momentum slightly and its not totally natural yet but that will come with more time and practise. I think I figured the right amount of momentum I need to get a good turn - if you kinda drift into the wall it slows you down and you donít get that oomph you need! after I thought I had my turns down I attempted a full DYN - only to stuff my turn and forget everything I practised ! I kinda worked against myself at the 25m mark and felt I really expended a bit much energy there ! I made it down to the 50m mark and then came up when I felt I had already fluffed the turn :/ but was still happy with the 50m ! ( PB - 56m) With a longer breathe up I reckon I could do 60m !

I got pretty tired and after one more go at the 25m turn we moved back on to some DNF to work on my kick - which by this time my legs were pretty achey.

10th April 2014

Training at Sapanhin 50m Pool with Walter Johnson.

So after bailing out on training yesterday as my legs were so tired from cleaning the beach the previous day, Walt and I headed over to the lovely 50m pool in Phuket Town. When we first arrived it was buzzing with lots of kiddos swimming and splashing around but we still managed to get a lane to practise in. We got set up and I wasnít really feeling statics today so we got straight into the turns ! Today they just clicked ! I practised my outside (mermaid) turns in both directions and they felt so much more natural than before. Walter got a few videos for me so I have yet to review them, but I for sure felt them to be much smoother and fluid. After a while doing turns the pool emptied out as the kids headed back to school I guess. Then it was time for a max attempt which we hadnít really practised before with a proper breathe up etc. For the first dive I did 5 min tidal breathing, 3 purge breathes, 1 full inhale and got a nice clean push off from the wall and right into continuous stroke with the mermaid mono fin. I made it past the 2nd red line and knew the wall (50m) wasnít far, I got to the T and readied myself for the turn moving into a nice rotation and then made the turn, slightly shallow but smoothly, continuing on I passed the red line again and started to feel the burn in my legs so decided to come up. A nice 72m dive! Surface protocol went fine, nice and clear. PB Woop Woop! I only expected to get around 60m today as my previous PB was 56m.

Turns -


2nd dive - again we did the 5 min breathe up, 3 purge breathes, 1 full inhale. This time I made just slightly further at about 73m I could feel the burn start at around 60m.

After this I was pretty tired and Walter had a go at a DYN with his Dolphin - super cool looking and he makes it look so easy! 10 min breathe up , 3 purge breaths, 1 full inhale, 100m no problem, surface protocol was very clear.

I decided to go for one last dive as Walter suggested this time doing a 10 min breathe up, although I was getting slightly chilled at this point, 3 purge breaths and then full inhale, this time I knew I was a bit further than before and came up at 77m - surface protocol was no problem and Walt got a cool video of the whole thing, so I was pretty happy I made it past 75 ! If I can do that in Country Home pool I will be very happy ! ( Note Country home is 25m = more turns )

( still waiting for youtube to upload my PB DYN )

Mermaid Melanie
04-17-2014, 11:45 PM
Tuesday 15th April

Training with Walter Johnson

So today we had a go at my turns again, but for some reason I kept overthinking everything and getting it wrong. My head just wasn’t in the game today I couldn’t focus really - a little off. Worked on turns for a while then did a 50m DYN - not close to what I was looking to do. Must come tomorrow with my head in the game.

Wednesday 16th April

Training with Walter Johnson

Today I came with the mind set of determination - I wanted to make at least 75m in the 25m pool - So I started my breathe up for a max attempt. Today Walt told me to do a breathe up till I was ready and he would time it - it took me about 6 minutes to get myself feeling in the zone and off I went, 3 purge breaths, full inhale and dive. I managed to make the turn at 50m and go on to reach the 75m at then other wall - very happy with this result as it is an extra turn thrown in and my PB was 77m in the 50m pool so I think I can make it to 80m I just have to make that turn and push off !

Training again, lightly, on Saturday before the competition on Sunday.

Mermaid Melanie
04-19-2014, 02:06 AM
My 75m Dynamic -


Mermaid Melanie
04-20-2014, 02:58 AM
Saturday 19th April

Training with Walter Johnson

So today Walt and I had a light training session before going over to register for the competition tomorrow. We got kitted up and into the water. At first I started work on my arm positioning as I had been more mermaid than free diver before lol. I had to streamline myself more and have been working on straightening out my lower back and working on the flexibility in my lower back. We then went on to turns, ah the dreaded turns ! Well I discovered I was making some funny sort of frog position on my turn and it was creating a bit of drag and wasn’t so smooth looking. So after a few practises we managed to sort it out and actually being a mermaid comes in handy with the turns for me and i have to get a nice arch in my back and keep the arch smooth to make the turn nice. We also went over our protocol as when I did my last 75m dive - technically I would have been scored 74m as i didnt touch the end of the wall, I just came up at the wall - so just went over some of those little details, so we could have nice white cards and clean dives !

After the training session Walt and I went for the briefing for tomorrows competition !

Sunday 20th April 2014
WeFreedive, Suunto Series April Competition.

Judges - Richard Wonka
Sarah Whitcher
Safety - Joseph Alexander

Competitors - Walter Johnson (USA)
Melanie Long (GBR)
Lowrie (FIN)

My Official top - 09:40
Announced Performance - 25m
Realised Performance - 82m ( Personal Best )

So Today was lovely ! We arrived at the pool nice and early this morning. I was there from about 08:20, so had plenty of time to chill out and relax. I woke up feeling really tired this morning I guess I didnt get to sleep till after 12 last night but I was still feeling good about the competition and looking forward to it !
Walter was first up and he smashed out an awesome 125m Dynamic with his Dol-Fin Orca mono fin - was very cool to watch, a competition personal best ! He makes it look so easy ! I was up 2nd so about 15 mins before my TOP I got my Special Fins Mermaid mono fin on and started to relax - time felt like it passed pretty quickly - I was starting to feel pretty heavy like I couldn’t wait to get under the water and just fly ! My 2 min count down started and I readied myself for the dive - although I announced 25m that was just precautionary, I was aiming for around 75m. The pool is 25m long, the first length felt like it went by really quickly, I made the turn and headed back down to the 50m mark, I had to remind myself just to relax my mind and release the tension in my body, I made the turn and headed back on up to the 75m mark, on this length I can start to feel my legs burning, this is good it means the dive response is kicking in ! When I got to the wall at 75m I had Walt in my head telling me “make the turn, go on ! “ so I made the turn and with a few more strokes sent myself on the way to my new PB of 82 meters ! I also managed to surface close to the side and went through the surface protocol without any problems ! I got the white card and I was elated ! :D Lowrie managed an awesome 85m dive, first time with long bi-fins, first time with weights and first time using scissor kick ! After the comp we all headed to Guys Restaurant for a healthy fry up ! lol was super tasty ! Then we had the prize giving ! Walt - 125m - 1st place - won an awesome SEAC Mask, Lowrie - 85m - 2nd Place - Snorkel float + camera clips, Melanie - 1st ( womans lol only woman competing ) 3rd overall - 82m - 2kg soft lead weight ! - we are gonna be having a neck weight making party haha just what I needed really ! Ive been using Walters weights all this time so will be nice to make a cool neck weight for myself!

So all in all I had a great day ! Super pleased with my new PB of 82m and looking forward to training next week for next months competition - Static Apnea ! :D

Mermaid Melanie
04-20-2014, 12:25 PM
Heres a video from todays comp -


Mermaid Melanie
04-26-2014, 01:45 AM
Tuesday 22nd April

Training with Walter Johnson

So today was a bit of an unsuccessful training session for me. I did a few 50m dynamics but just couldn’t make the turns to go on to 75m today. I think my legs are still hurting from the competition. My statics weren’t that great either 2 mins roughly but we haven’t really training statics for the past 2 months really, so I expect that will improve over the coming sessions. Techniques were mostly the same tidal breathing and 3 soft purges then full inhale. We moved on to work on the turns again. Better luck another day

Thursday 24th Arpil

Training with Walter Johnson at Sapanhin Pool

Today Walter and I met up and headed off to the 50m pool at Sapanhin, Phuket Town. When we arrived the pool was pretty busy but we managed to find a spot to start off with some statics. Today we started a small O2 table, we started off with a breathe up of about 5 mins then a breath hold of 1:45 then a 3 min breathe up then a static of 2mins then a 3 mins breathe up and a static of 2:15 then a 3 min breathe up and I finished with a static of 2:37 which I was happy with but again need to work on that to bring it back to the 3 min mark !

Once the pool emptied a bit from the school kids doing lessons we moved on to DNF Dynamic without fins. I hadn’t practised this for a while as the last competition was Dynamic with fins thats all I had been training for. SO back to no fins and my technique is all over the place ! My rhythm was off and my arm recoveries … well … they were diabolical, BUT I did manage to do a personal best in no fins at 50m, lol its funny sometimes you surprise yourself with determination. We did a little bit of DYN training after this and it was good but the burn in my legs started pretty early on so it was decided that I need to put some hard work into my leg training with Dynamic sets.

New PB DNF - 50m

Video of 50m PB - lol at my technique legs all over the place and butt away sticking up lol ah well I got 50 in the end :P x


Friday 25th April

Training with Walter Johson, Yann Dumas, Amanda Linekar

Today we had a nice lil crowd of divers and buddies ! Started off I buddied Amanda ( My new mermaid in training ) for statics and after a small O2 Table we got her up to 2mins ! YAY! After this I watched on as Walt and Yann did some statics, observing their techniques and performances, After this Yann Buddied me for my DYN sets - 10 lengths of the 25m pool, do 25m come up breathe for 30 seconds, back down for another 25m, breathe for 30 seconds back down and so on. After this my legs were feeling pretty heavy and we called it a day ! Was a nice training day, I felt like I got a good work out from the DYN sets. These sets will hopefully train my legs to be able to do longer dynamics. ( Also, can’t wait to get my Elios wetsuit = reduce drag tremendously, my hood is so baggy on my head now its acting like a parachute break lol )

05-09-2014, 05:00 PM
Happy to meet beautiful mermaid Amanda.

Training is always alot of fun with Melanie. She's doing great!

I am sad to have to leave Thailand for a bit. I miss you all already, but I will be back :)

Mermaid Melanie
06-29-2014, 04:29 AM
Thursday 26th June

Training with Katie Wierenga at Sapanhin Pool

Okay so there has been a huge 2 month break in my training because my coach Walter had to go home for a bit to USA and I haven’t really had a training buddy -Really miss Walter ! so for the last comp I just coached Azam but it went awesomely as he got the new STA Malaysian Record ! Woop Woop !

So Walter had been in touch with Katie, who was planning to come down for the DNF this month, so we hooked up for some training. Its always nice to train with different people, because everyone has a different way of training, different techniques etc.

We were super lucky at the start of the session the pool was totally empty so we did some sets with Katie first - 50m no fins, breath for 2 mins, 50m breath for 1:45 and so on then I did a few 25m sets along the same time frame, Katie was awesome in the water she has great technique - can do 100m + ! was a good work out and I could for sure feel the CO2 building up. Katie gave me some great advice, when you are in your glide, try and think of each glide as a mini static and try and settle into that mind frame to relax and get the most out of your glide ! and it really helped !

Table -
25m No Fins
2 mins recovery
25m No Fins
1:45 min rec
25m No Fins
1:30 min rec
25m No Fins
1:00 min rec
45 sec

by this time i was pretty tired and I guess you have to realise when you come up you don’t have to spend a long time on recovery because when you take another breath you replenish your O2 you just might still have a higher CO2 level and have to realise that its just CO2 build up you need to get past ! ( I think - I’m still learning ! )

Great session and training again tomorrow !

Mermaid Melanie
06-29-2014, 06:14 AM
27th June 2014

Country Home Pool with Katie Wierenga, Miguel, Owen and Simon.

SO headed to the pool to join Katie with her coach Miguel and saw that the spearos Owen and Simon were down for a lil training - was nice to see more people in the pool doing some training, I worked mostly on my technique as with 2 months no training its all gone to bits so had a lot of things to fix ! I worked on my turns and my start push to see if I could get more glide out of the first push off, sadly not - 5m max at the moment ! I haven’t done a max attempt in ages so will be interesting to see what the comp holds on Sunday !

Mermaid Melanie
06-29-2014, 06:17 AM
28th June 2014

Training with Instructor Sarah Whitcher at Country Home Pool

Awesome ! So Sarah was offering pool training for the competition on Sunday in the afternoon and since I have a lot of things to work on I thought Id better go ! I got there a little early and did a 25m and 30m dive - didnt want want to push it without a buddy - Sarah arrived and she helped me heaps with my technique -
Head position for streamlining / arm strokes / kicks ( will take time lol ) and recoveries - I felt a big difference once I changed my head position and I guess I just need to keep practising until it becomes second nature! Had a good training session and looking forward to the competition on Sunday !

Mermaid Melanie
06-29-2014, 06:34 AM
Sunday 29th June
WeFreedive, Suunto Series DNF Competition

Judges - Sarah Whitcher
Richard Wonka

Safety - Yann Dumas

Video - Susanna Huza

Competitors - Melanie Long (GBR )
Katie Wierenga (USA)
Dominic (GER)

My Official TOP - 9.30am
Announced Performance - 10m ( you can announce as low as you like but you can’t over announce or you will lose points for not making your target )
Realised Performance - 53m (New Personal Best - PB )

I woke up this morning feeling a bit sick and it wasn’t so bright out but I was keen to get in the water ! I arrived at 8am at the office and got my self checked in and headed over to the pool, some people to a warm up before their performance but I only have a rash vest just now and get cold quickly so I waited until 15 mins before my start time to get in - this was plenty although the 2 minute countdown kinda crept up on me ! I was a little shivery but just tried to relax through it and once it was time to go I felt good and actually felt better once I was underwater ! I was thinking about my technique and trying to remind my body parts where to go ! usually I have coordination but with no fins it took me a while lol but yeah today was good my previous PB was 50m but that was at the height of my training so i expected maybe between 30-45m but then when I was down there I felt alright, my contractions were coming on a bit more as I reached 50m then I remembered hearing Miguel say “ don’t finish at the wall you can always turn and get a few more meters” and thats what I did ! I made the turn woop woop! I did let a little air out after the turn and decided to come up at the side - I came up, kept my airways clean and rested on the side , I took a few secs to do my surface protocol but made it within the time frame ! New PB and a white card awesome !

I had Katie down for first place as her PB was 100m + but unfortunately today she was red carded after 107m - she did really well and looking forward to training more with her !

So I got first place for ladies and won an awesome freediving mask that I had been pinning over for ages ! :D couldn’t be happier with it !

Im going training with Katie again tomorrow doing tables so that will be really fun to try more of them !

06-29-2014, 08:51 AM
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, glad to see you did well. You see, you do better in competitions than even in training. A lot of people wish they could do that, for sure.

06-29-2014, 03:39 PM
Congratulations! :clap: :yay: Keep up the good work, stay safe and enjoy every dive!
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Mermaid Melanie
06-30-2014, 12:36 AM
Thanks Walt and Oliver ! I know I just feel so in the zone at the comp I like how you have a wee moment to steal for just you lol can't wait till you come back Walt ! Hope your having fun over there !

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Mermaid Dottie
08-21-2014, 12:50 AM
This is so cool! I want to learn how to freedive correctly so bad. It's going to take me a bit to get there, though. I know I need to have less fat and more muscle to do well, and lessons are spendy. Someday, though. You are amazing. I love your agility and grace.

Mermaid Melanie
08-22-2014, 11:20 PM
Oh thanks Dottie ! I'm glad you enjoyed this - I would totally recommend taking the lessons I you can it's improved my water skills so much ! If you can get a buddy to train with it a coach this will help big time ! Xxx

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08-26-2014, 09:17 AM
This is so cool! I want to learn how to freedive correctly so bad. It's going to take me a bit to get there, though. I know I need to have less fat and more muscle to do well, and lessons are spendy. Someday, though. You are amazing. I love your agility and grace.

You don't have to be in top shape to take the beginning class. At least you get the basics to start you on the path.

Mermaid Dottie
08-26-2014, 02:24 PM
You know what? You're right! Why wait? I should just save up the money, and take the class.
Thanks Paisley!

Mermaid Melanie
12-09-2014, 01:45 AM
Hey folks ! So I kinda got lazy with my freediving log but Id like to start contributing to it again ! I feel like I've come a long way, now my statics are constantly over 2mins, whereas before it was quite erratic, Id do 1:45 then 3:30 then 2 mins so just a bit all over the place but now its getting more consistent ! This month is the big competition with 3 events - static, dynamic and no fins to determine the winner of the whole We Freedive Suunto Series Competition, where the winner ( overall ) will win a Suunto D6i dive computer ! I would love to win the comp and am currently sitting 2nd, next to my coach Walter. But even if I won I would give the prize to my coach Walt for being such a great motivation and guide through my whole freediving journey ! The Dec comp is going to be busy with some real tough competition ! I know I won't be taking away 1st place for the disciplines because we have Katie ( front runner for a new US national record in No Fins) competing also I managed to get Nora Lestari to attend ( Nora is the indonesian free diver /model who was featured in the amazing underwater shipwreck photoshoot with Ben Vong Wong ! ) So I'm super excited to meet her and swim together ! We also have the awesome Azam Hamid coming, last month he set the new static national record for Malaysia at just over 5mins ! Theres a few more competitors and I can't wait to see how it all turns out !

Anyway I thought Id share my competition video from the last comp. Static was the event and I hadn't been training for a while since Walt had been out of town but I was pretty happy to get what I did :) needless to say I did better in training this time than the comp but ill get it back to my PB for this months big comp hopefully !

Anyhoo hope you guys get some benefit from watching !


12-13-2014, 03:54 PM
Woo hoo!

This is great Melanie. So glad to see you're progressing so fast & so far in your freediving. And getting to freedive with celebrities too :thumbs-up:

The outdoor freediving season is pretty much over until May here in Canada (water temp is about 4įC right now) nobody's doing any trips, except the Toronto club puts one on to go ice diving every January or February. That trip is for cold water gonzos only- LOL. You live in a freediving paradise, being able to dive year round.

Mermaid Melanie
12-30-2014, 01:32 AM
Thanks AptaMer! Ive been pretty quiet on here for a few weeks now because Ive had lots of family visiting and it was the final of the WeFreedive Suunto Series. This event had 3 disciplines - Static, Dynamic and No Fins Dynamic. I hadn't really pushed myself in training before the comp so I wasnt so sure Id do anything noteworthy but as it turned out I performed a new Personal Best in Dynamic at 85m - I'm not far from that 100m mark and I can't wait to get there ! I won female 1st for this discipline. My static was only just over 2:20 and I think I've had a mental block with my static recently so I'm hoping to get past that and make it back up to 3:30. Dynamic No Fins was a laugh, I had way too much weight ( always sort out your weights before the comp so you know exactly what you need on the day - i need to get my own weights as I was borrowing Walters and through swapping and changing my mind of weights I was way too heavy and felt i was almost dragging along the bottom at some points.) So I bailed out at 42m lol I came up with white cards all day so thats was the main thing. The comp was based on how many clean dives you had ( white cards ) Walter won leading me by one white card, and he won the D6i ( well deserved ! ) I came second and won my AIDA 3* Freediving Course !!! Im so happy and I can't wait to start the course. This course goes more into detail on how to train to become better and more in depth knowledge of dive theory. I have already met some of the requirements Ill need for the 3* but I think this course is going to be a tough one ! Anyway guys, here is my new DYN PB - competing in my custom monofin from SpecialFins and my Elios wetsuit ! :D


12-30-2014, 06:11 AM
Congratulations! :yay: And the AIDA 3* course is a very good achievement, maybe even better than the D6i ;).
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Mermaid Alaria
07-12-2015, 10:08 PM
This is so cool! I want to learn how to freedive correctly so bad. It's going to take me a bit to get there, though. I know I need to have less fat and more muscle to do well, and lessons are spendy. Someday, though. You are amazing. I love your agility and grace.
I've gotten on a waiting list for Dive Addicts in Draper. You should too! I'd love to train with you.