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07-12-2011, 01:57 PM
I thought I'd include some parts of my previous list from mer yuku for those wondering how to go about writing a review. It's subject to edits and additions in the future!

Your review should first include all basic facts: Who did you purchase from, do they have a website, the cost (if you're willing to share) the materials your product was made of, any extra products that came with yours (i.e. bra, monofin) how long it took etc. This is an unbiased list of information. You will have plenty of time to journey into each topic with description. For now this is an easy list at the top people can examine to see if your review is even relevant to what they're looking for. A summary if you will. Be sure to choose an appropriate thread title.
Explain the product. What is it used for? Are you using it in the water? on land? Modeling? recreational swimming? Performing arts? Kids parties? Explain the difference between what your product is intended by the creator to do, what you intend to use it for, and what it actually does. For instance: My mertailor tail is intended to be a tail that can be used in and out of water for swimming and modeling. I intended to use it for those things as well as performing arts and working with children. In reality I can't swim in my tail because it is too small so I use it mostly for modeling. Allow people to draw their own conclusions. You will have an opportunity at the end to do an overall conclusion but repeatedly writing your disappointment can cause problems down the road either with the creator or people reading your review. People are not idiots, when they read my sentence they understand without anything extra that my tail was intended for many things but because of the sizing issue it can't be used to full potential.
Describe your product. What does it look like? What is the craftsmanship like? What was it like upon arrival? Did the packaging effect it? This would be an appropriate area to show a photograph or two of what you're talking about. Again try hard to be objective without passing judgment. Allow people to come to their own conclusions based on your observations and documentation.
Describe the ordering process. What information did you have to provide? What platform did you use? How long did it take to receive your product? Did you use a tracking number? This should all be fact based you will have an opportunity for opinion later. However a comment like "I found the ordering process difficult" would be appropriate if you're able to offer up a clear example. But if you feel you'll end up writing a whole paragraph about the process I would save that until the end.
Describe your communication (if any) with the creator. Here's where we get tricky folks and here's where a lot of problem come up. If you're going to say anything beyond very general claims be prepared to back up your reports with evidence. If that creator was a jerk to you I hope you've got screenshots. Without ample evidence it's likely that not only will no one believe you but the creator may try and take this part of your review under those legal issues we've listed to have it removed. I am not saying don't post the truth of your experience but be prepared for what can come of it if you're not able to back up your claims. Tread lightly in this area. Try very hard to be as objective as possible and only document what happened without passing judgment. That way your review does not break any rules and will not be removed.
The pros and cons. Label this part whatever way you want but this is the section in which you can list all of the ways your product measures up and all of the ways it doesn't. Pretty simple. Again, as objective as possible. You can also combine this with your ordering process, communication with the creator, their website layout etc.
Adaptations, suggestions, care etc. for the product. This is the section where you can list any adaptations you've made to your product to help it meet your expectations, your suggestions for care of the product or any issues (i.e. Jesse's thread for mertailor tails is a perfect example) as well as suggestions for the creator of ways to improve the product.
Adaptations, suggestions etc for everything else. This is just like above but for things like the website, ordering system, customer service etc.
Conclusion. This is where you can talk about your opinions and feelings (keeping those legal points in mind) and most importantly would you recommend this product and why if you have not all ready stated. Also add any other information, links, images, or evidence that you feel important. It's good to state either on the site or in your conclusion that your views do not reflect those of meryuku or yuku as a whole.

The Harlem Mermaid
12-21-2015, 07:59 PM
Hi AniaR (http://mernetwork.com/index/member.php?10-AniaR) thank you for posting this its so informative and helpful . I have a question where would I post my review/photos at? Which thread or forum would i go to, it will be my first review would like to add it correctly. Thanks dear

12-21-2015, 10:28 PM
the review board for the tail maker on the front page! you'll see it says reviews, then you select the tail maker