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08-20-2014, 06:11 PM
I purchased a performance spandex tail from Mernation's Etsy store. They contacted me immediately and got my measurements and color choices. They were very fast in making the tail and it arrived much sooner than I expected. They were very responsive with my emails and made sure that I was going to get the tail I wanted. I ordered it in blue with a blue and green dorsal and a the same blue and green fabric in a 6 inch fringe on the fluke. The blue dorsal/fringe fabric has glitter on it, which in hindsight I won't get again because there was glitter EVERYWHERE in the pool after I swam in it the first time, lol. I love glitter, but I don't think the other swimmers appreciated it in the pool. It was also a little plainer than I had imagined, but I plan on fixing that with some paint and more fins that I'll add later.
Looking at the monofin, I was disappointed at first. It's not a name brand monofin, but a shaped piece of lexan with two diving shoes bolted down to it. Then I swam with just the monofin to get used to it and my attitude towards it quickly changed. It is lightweight, stays on my feet well and I don't need any swim socks to keep from getting blisters. And boy did I swim FAST! I loved it.
Next was swimming with the fabric tail and monofin. The first time I put on the tail, it seemed a bit big in the hips and in the length. I'm not sure if that's how they are normally fitted. I could easily gather up two inches on each seam (four inches total around my hips). I was worried that it wouldn't stay on when I swam in it, but it stayed on just fine with the elastic band they sewed in. I had to get used to the drag of the fabric since I was already used to the speed of just the monofin. It does seem that I am slower in my fabric tail than in my silicone tail. I'm guessing it's the dorsal fin and fluke fringe (say that three times fast).
I'm going to have to add some closure Velcro to the fluke because it keeps coming open at the end. No big deal for me since I'll be adding more to it anyway.
For the most part, I love it. It's really beautiful in the water. I'm not quite sure it's worth the $300 I spent for it, but it is a lovely tail.

Merman Arion
08-20-2014, 06:23 PM
Nice review! You should share some pictures :)

08-20-2014, 06:36 PM
Here it is when I first got it. http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/08/20/19ff2916d82fba9b13cf9230113f5924.jpg

08-20-2014, 06:41 PM
And I just realized that I didn't follow the rules by posting this here. I will post it in the correct thread so admins may delete this one.

03-12-2016, 12:31 AM
I know this is old, but three hundred for that? I'd expect it if it had some kind of paint job on it, but sheesh... Maybe I am in the wrong business if I could charge 300 for an unpainted tail...

Mermaid Lily_Pad
03-14-2016, 08:22 PM
It wasn't normal spandex if I'm not mistaken. It was some sort of performance spandex material, either way it no longer matters. They don't make cloth tails any longer.

03-16-2016, 06:44 PM
It is performance spandex and it has a custom monofin. Honestly, I still love the tail. I was new here when I got it and a bit too anxious to get a tail.