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10-19-2014, 12:48 AM
So, I'm in progress of collecting my materials. I have a few rinky dink stuff that I can get with change (Elastic, thread etc) but the major kick in the tail is the monofin and paints I need. Luckily back in 2011 before my life kinda just - typhooned? I had bought four yards of this beautiful fabric, but put it up for safe keeping.


But, life is life and things happened out of my control. So, I spent my time doing art commissions and the like to help out with finances in my household. It wasn't until recently that I re-found my fabric and though; "I still want to do this. If anything for my self. It's something I can do with Fibromyalgia and my issues and have fun. Swimming is good for people with fibro. And this would be a cool way to get active again."

Then a friend sent me Mermaid Kariel's video on Career Changers and my mind was set. I mean, I had interest before, but something clicked with that video. Maybe it was because she had a little quirk like me. But, I knew I wanted to do this. Even if some days all I could do was sun bathe and hand out info or just talk to people.


This little guy, a Male Blue Chiclid. It matched the sort of look I was wanting for a first time and I could easily manipulate a mono-fin for without having to really change the shape or add drag to. Freshwater - Check. All I am lacking is the monofin and rinky dink items. I have a pattern which I may need to redo considering I lost about thirty pounds since I made it. But, It's good to use as a base.

Once I get it made and can somehow find a safe swimming area. (Which I have been told Fall Creek Falls is good for freediving and the like.) I will take pictures. Once I spend some time in a fabric fin I'd love to move up to a Mertailor Tail... one of his cheaper ones obviously or commission a neoprene/silicon hybrid from here. Then move up to a Merbella Tail like I posted in my dream tail thread. I don't expect to make a living, but I would love to make an impact in some way.

I'm so excited and I do miss swimming a ton. It was one of the awesome things about my college we had a gym and got free access to it. Who knows, maybe I can't get a monofin right now will prove helpful might loose a bit more weight and get into better shape by then. So, here I am diving in headfirst. :$

01-11-2015, 02:46 AM

Designed my tail to a chiclid my friend has. My biggest investments will be the Monofin and the Lumiere paints.

The other stuff for the top and the little stuff for the tail: Thread, Zipper, etc. Are cheaper and can be bought with change luckily.

Found out my fabric is 2 way stretch horizontally - Which means a zipper for the back so I don't stress the fabric too much. The ends of the tail will be a bit longer than the fin so I can slip it on and off.

Design down, just gotta save up for the other things now.

03-26-2015, 03:20 PM
That looks like it will be one amazing tail!

03-26-2015, 03:46 PM
Looks like it will be really pretty! I used to have cichlids :)

03-26-2015, 08:20 PM
Thanks guys! I have an album with the progress pictures you can check out. Had to modify the design a little bit due to some issues I had. But, its fantastic so far.