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12-21-2014, 02:50 AM
So since a lot of mers are wintered in let's get that creativity flowing. I propose a short story challenge, at the end of January we'll have everyone vote for their favorite.

Here are the rules:

-Let's keep it under 1,000 words.

-Must include something mer related.

-Let's avoid fan-fiction type things like no writing about Ariel or H2O mermaids, 100% original ideas!

I may be able to put together a small prize for the winner. I have some small silicone pieces I can probably make an armband or bracelet with and paint. You can check out some of the stuff on my Instagram @hawaiianmerman

12-21-2014, 02:51 AM
Here's a short thing I did for fun awhile ago:

Mermaids are the loneliest creatures in the sea. You’d never know it because nobody can see a mermaid’s tears. A mermaid is always folded in the arms of her beloved captor. The cold fingers of the ocean hold her tight, they comfort her. She belongs within their unfeeling hold and yet they are her torment. Seawater grips a mermaid like the embrace of the lover she will never know. What’s worse; a mermaid can never speak her truths. Bound by the curse of the ocean, nobody who could come to know and love her will ever hear the words she hungers to say, to share. To be a mermaid is to be beauty nobody else can ever understand. To be a mermaid is to cry openly with no one ever seeing your pain. To be a mermaid is to be surrounded by a beautiful life and be utterly and maddeningly alone.
Do you ever feel like that? Do you feel like a mermaid?
Perhaps you do. Perhaps those salty drops of brine that crawl from your eyes are actually a mermaid’s tears.
Have you felt a mermaid’s needs? Do you know what it is to hunger for warmth, to starve for a loving touch, the ability to express your personal truths? Do you understand her? Have you felt a mermaid’s call?
If you felt the call of a kindred soul would you answer?
I did. It killed me.

Mermaid Sirenia
12-21-2014, 11:15 AM
Ooh I love this idea!!

12-21-2014, 12:52 PM
Hmmm I may be able to piece together a little something over my weekend off ^.^

12-21-2014, 04:44 PM
Yay! Let the stories flow!

Mermaid Kelda
12-22-2014, 08:20 PM
Something I penned a while back, it's years old though so it shouldn't be considered. Still wanted to share :)

She could be a sea sprite with her too-tight hair and her broken lips and blue coral skin left in the sun too long, and her wild, glazed eyes; my, those eyes. The colour of green ocean summers and children’s boats pulled by winds and lifted on waves in their depths. And they pull you in, far, far, far, too far, and you ache for the depth and the dark and the cool silt between your toes and the bottom is only a breath away, maybe two. She’s in your arms, or you’re in hers, and she braids your hair with sea grass and cockel shells and damp dappled sunlight and suddenly, suddenly, there you are.

Mermaid Enhydrina
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12-24-2014, 05:05 PM
I love them!

12-30-2014, 03:34 AM
Ok, I just made the 1000 word mark. I have been stuck on my writing lately, this was a nice exercise to get the creativity flowing again. Great idea, Coradion. :)

Here we go, I just wrote this tonight. I had some formatting trouble with pasting it here, but I hope I corrected all of it.


In a haze of illness, water dripped down on me. When I opened my eyes, all was darkness. I recalled recent events: I'd been struck with the plague that was decimating the crew. My fever put me in bed for days, delirious and unable to reckon where I was or had been.

Oh. This is just grand, I thought. I join a whaling crew at 17 to find my way in life, and end up tossed overboard like so much rotten meat.

Those muck snipes! Can't even wait until a man is good and properly dead?!

Resigned to my fate, for there was nothing else I could do, I welcomed each new cooling trickle and stream of water that made its way between the planks of my coffin.

My own horrible, imminent death, so cold and alone, but I was resigned to accepting it without losing my mind. I often resigned myself to things no one else would; I had accepted that I'd never marry, for women simply didn't tickle my fancy. I had accepted that there was more value to my muscle than my mind, but that I was a good man, so this was all right. I had accepted that I could not sing a swell as I'd like.

I opened my mouth to sing, it croaked forward, “Beee-yoo.” I stopped, cleared my throat, and tried again, “Beautiful...” Yes, that's it. “Beautiful dreeeeamer,wake unto meeee....”

My voice seemed to bounce off the walls so tight around me. But by golly, I sounded so good!

And only the fish here to listen.

The coffin hit the floor of the sea,and the water was up to my nose. I held my mouth above the water, so that I could sing until the last.

“Starlight and dewdrops are awaiting thee....”

And the water covered my face, my eyes closing.

And the scratching sound brought me to open my eyes in the salty brine. What was that?

I envisioned sharks, eels, all manner of animals waiting to devour my poor, sick bones.Would they not wait until I'm dead, either?

There was a great shrieking of wood against wood, nails bending, and the coffin lid opened. Though I could see nothing in this darkness, I felt the hands on me. I could only imagine them as human, for fingers wrapped around my arms and pulled me up.

Lips laid on mine. The birth of a thousand stars went off in my head, fireworks in my body, and I knew my fever must be much higher than I realized to be in such divine phantasmagoria!

Or is this what death gives us? A moment of release at the end so that our worst nightmares do not come to fruition in our minds, even if they do so on the plane of existence we were sharing with the living one moment ago?

I knew, not heard, the words, You're safe now.

Somehow there was light now where none before had been, there were sparks of life all around, the water glowed and rippled about, and I was staring into the eyes of a man.

But not a man, for from the hips down he resembled another sort of being entirely... skin was so smooth like a porpoise, so brilliant a green, fins waving back and forth, his flukes balancing us upright in the water.

Merman. My thoughts, incredulous as they were, knew this is what he was.


Again, it was knowing, not hearing.

Figures, shadows at first, surrounded us. And they each brightened into my sight, fading the next moment,appearing again, like sunlight reflecting off the surface.

I looked at the merman who still held my arms, keeping me upright and afloat in the water. How... how am I breathing?

A woman, a... a mermaid, undulated slowly around us, and she looked at him, and sighed the water. I knew her words, He is a pretty one, Alec. Is he dinner?

He shook his head.I want him to join us.

Well? Her voice was so strong in my head, like waves crashing and whale song,all at once. What will it be, human man? Shall you join us? Or join your ancestors?

This Alec smiled at me,and I knew his words. I know you. I have followed you for weeks...and when you stopped taking rest in the safety nets of the bowsprit, I worried for you. And now I understand why you were gone. Your people are beasts to have thrown you to the sea, still alive.

The mermaid's words were known to me again, even as the many mermaids and mermen around us faded in and out of being. They've done this more often than you can know.

Alec nodded to the crowd around us, We save as many as we can.

An African woman and man, nodded to me now, and in her arms, I saw her mer-baby.

And I knew their story like I'd just heard it; a slave ship had over-packed its hull, and they threw human cargo over. The woman, pregnant, had gone overboard to save her unborn child from the fate the ship was taking them to. And the mer-people had saved these two, and she'd had her child here, in the sea.

Some of my race, I thought to Alec, are beasts. As you said.

The first mermaid swam in closer, and grinned at me, sharp pointy teeth filling her mouth. We take care of those, too. When we can.

And I knew right off. I'd like to join you.

Alec smiled at me, and now I noticed the points of his teeth.

Will I get a set of those?

Oh yes. Alec took my hand. I'm so glad you want to stay.

The other mer-people blinked away, leaving only the water behind.

He held me close, touched my face. Lost in his embrace, I left behind what semblance of a life I had as a human.

Mermaid Mhara
01-04-2015, 01:19 AM
So I had a bit of fun with this and just...let my mind write for me if that makes sense? :) apologies if grammar is off or if UK spellings bother peoples...and I have no idea whether I even like this as I wrote it tonight (it's 5 AM here haha) so yeah...just something fun I came up with in these small hours. Enjoy!

Nothing prepares you, nothing even makes it remotely real. That moment you realise things and it shatters whatever fragmented idea of reality you had the belief you knew. There's the books and movies, plenty of them...girl meets vampire, boy discovers his inner magic, children find a world within a piece of furniture. But they don't prepare you.

Before I met him, life obviously wasn't simple. It never really is regardless of what we believe , life has a tendency to rattle us until we're in the grave. But now, he...he's done something to me, to my mind. I have this almost carefree feeling that drowns me within thought and perception. We're nothing, humans, we make it out as if we are some secular species that is oh so different and special...yet what really are we? A speck of dust on the shelf of something far greater. Some of us, we have these moments that shed light onto the greater secrets within this world...and then others, like me are thrown into a whirlwind where everything we knew is torn apart.

He was a friend, someone I got close to and I believed I knew everything I needed to about him. I suppose I did in some ways, for some things are better left unsaid. Could he be a God? With his thick and luxurious hair that slicked back and reached his shoulders, his ability to calm situations but also the fury and anger you'd never expect to see come from such a sensitive person. He was just a friend...and then I saw it.

He was sat there, in the river next to the public footpath that we so often walked together on. I knew something was different this night...but he just sat there and looked so at home. I thought he was maybe wearing some kind of thermal bottoms to keep him warm in the water. Then I realised, he was naked...but he also wasn't quite human. I stared at him for a while, his muscular torso almost shining in the mixture of wet and moonlight. In the shallow waters he sat, caressing the small waves created by the soft wind. His arms were so beautiful...the strength I imagined came from them. Then I took notice of what I was ignoring while watching him this entire time...his skin faded at the waist, and where his legs should be was a smooth curved bulk of a different kind of skin, that immediately made me think of whales and dolphins. There was a pattern on this grey skin of black messy spots trailing down the back side of where his human body would usually rest.

He sat on what would be his knees, with this thing he had instead of legs under him and at the end a fin type bit a dolphin or fish has, wide and strong looking...as if it was made to fight against strong currents.

He turned around, our eyes met...and I ran.

And here I am, just wondering was it all a dream? Did I have a far too lucid daydream? Am I going insane? Any explanation would do at this point. It's sad that human beings would rather believe they are insane, than deal with the fact that we aren't in control of this world...and there are things beyond our knowledge and ideas of reality. I suppose we just like feeling safe.

01-06-2015, 12:12 AM
here's mine
I walk slowly along the beach, my target a few yards ahead. I climb onto a rock that is slowly being consumed by the rising tide. I bite my lip and concentrate as my target gets farther away. I focus on the water in their body, feel it ebb and flow in their very cells. With a smirk I pull in my mind, forcing the water from their body in a moment of abject terror. This was to be the last one, even for me there is only so much coldness my heart can take.
A splash to my right catches my attention. I turn and my breath stops for a moment. Head and shoulders bobbing on the waves, iridescent violet tail swishing under the water. Hair pulled up with shells and seaweed. Mermaid.
I have always been alone, never in my life have I seen another of my kind until now. We stare at each other for a moment before I step from my rock into the water. Bones shift and change in my body, making me wince. She watches me with practiced disinterest as the change happens but her eyes widen for a moment when she sees the scales and spines that grow on my wrists.
‘So here you are’ her voice echoes in my head like whale song
“What do you mean?” I ask aloud as I sink into the waves, my own tail is much darker than hers.
‘We do not use our land voices’
“Who is we? You’re the first I’ve seen”
‘That you remember. You were stolen from us so long ago’
She sinks beneath the water, I follow. My brain aches as I remember how to mind speak
‘I have a family?’
‘a pod, yes’
‘I have a place? Beings who missed me?’
‘of course. You were very young, swimming with the Selkies. You went ashore with the young seals. A human found you and scooped you up before you could flee to the waves’
‘They raised me as far from the ocean as they could. I was too different’
‘Of course you were. You weren’t meant to spend ALL of your time on land’
‘But I was meant to spend some time up there?’
‘You are a Sentinel, protector of all things under the waves’
‘Is that why I can do things like what I did to that man, and not feel it?’
‘Yes, you will feel different when you are home’
We swim in silence passing whales and schools of fish. Deeper and deeper until we come upon a sprawling city. I pull up and stare, how could I have never been here? Why does it feel right to be here?
I pull away from the mermaid as I see a group of mers swimming down below us. Their tails all different colors but all darker like mine, their wrists had spikes.
‘those are mine aren’t they? I belong there’
‘yes. Go, we will see each other soon’
I dive, eager to feel what I never felt with human family


01-06-2015, 01:20 PM
Awesome! Loving all of these!

SeaGlass Siren
01-06-2015, 01:34 PM
This isn't a mermaid story but whenever i see the word short story i think of this scene in spongebob.

01-10-2015, 01:13 AM

01-22-2015, 02:13 PM
Hi, I'm new at MerNetwork and I like this challenge a lot. I wrote this story a few years ago for other reason, but I hope you will like it :)

Destiny of triple P

‘How does it feel to be a mermaid?’
This question asked the girl everybody since she was in age of ten.
‘It’s wet and cold,’ the answer usually was.
But she always dreamed of beautiful glittering mermaid tail, endless azure ocean space, splendid colorful coral reefs, intimate friendship with dolphins and fated love of gorgeous merman.
She started to practice holding her breath, swimming and dancing underwater. Soon she won every underwater somersault contest in the local swimming pool and defeated every challenger in length of underwater endurance. She spent plenty of time in the pool, mostly submerged for long minutes at the deep end
‘She must be crazy,’ said some.
‘What an enchanting girl,’ thought others.
When she was fourteen, she acquired first mermaid tail. It was bluish green with wide caudal fin and it got very well with her long blonde hair. She found a voluntary job in local aquarium and soon she started to perform in her mermaid tail in the largest fish tank. She calmly weaved among rays, dogfishes and turtles and at the same time smilingly waved to amazed visitors behind the glass. After the show she used to go straight to her favorite rocky beach and she always disappeared in sea for long hours.
In age of eighteen she started to earn her living as waitress in a bar on the same beach. There was a huge fish tank, where she every evening entertained guests with wild underwater stunts. She performed underwater escapes from straitjackets, cuffs and ropes. Often she bet with guests how long she can hold breath underwater. A few times she was almost drowned, but she always won the bet. She was admired by guys and sometimes she even spent exciting moments with some of them in the fish tank after closing time, but not a single proved to be a man of her dreams.
Gradually she spent almost all days and nights in water. She had no other clothes than her swimsuit and mermaid tail. Each morning she disappeared in sea and each evening fixtures at the bar were expectantly watching waves on the beach and impatiently awaiting return of their mermaid. But she returned to her fish tank each day later and later and then there came the day when she didn’t return at all.
If you visit the bar nowadays, you can hear fishermen telling that they sometimes see her playing with dolphins on sea surface near the rocky coast. And you can even see an underwater picture of her, made by cheer chance by one scuba diver. She is resting on the sandy bottom at the food of the reef. Her gorgeous blonde hair and bluish green tail are magnificently glittering in soft sunshine penetrating the water mass above. And she seams to be patiently waiting there for her dream merman. If you ask her, how it feels to be a mermaid, she would already know.
‘It’s pleasure, pain and passion.’

Mermaid Enora
01-22-2015, 04:12 PM
These need to be submitted to mermaids and mythology magazine
they're absolutely perfect for it!

01-25-2015, 05:13 AM
I was inspired by a History Channel Program called Patriots Rising: The American Revolution, which told the Story of John Glover, a merchant and sailor from Marblehead, Massachusetts whose militia enabled Washington's army to escape a siege by the British forces thanks to clever seafaring skills of the Marblehead Regiment, stealthy preparation by Washington and Glover, and three odd weather effects: a strong wind from the East that prevented the British ships from sailing up the river and surrounding Washington's forces, a thick cloud cover that blocked out the moon during the night, hiding the colonial forces from being spotted by the watching British Army, and a heavy fog that rolled in during the morning, preventing the American escape from being noticed until later that day, when Washington at last set foot on the boat. Glover and his militia were also responsible for helping Washington cross the Delaware in big barges that (interestingly enough) required all of the soldiers and sailors to cross while standing up, not just Washington. John Glover (and his first wife, Hannah Gale, who died shortly after he returned home from the war) apparently only had two children, a son named Samuel who would have been about 14 at the time, and a daughter Susannah, so I created an older son to join his father and explain precisely what caused those strange weather effects that night. I call the resulting story, "The Mer-Patriots of the East River."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Robert “Rip” Glover searched the reeds and dunes of Brooklyn on an August afternoon in 1776. “Please be here, you must be,” he murmured under his breath, rubbing a strange, iridescent shell in his fist. Meanwhile, the blasts of gun and cannonfire, the groans of the injured, the whinnies of startled horses, numerous curses, and other sounds of desperate fighting echoed from the battlefield, where the Redcoats had besieged General Washington’s troops. Word had come that British ships were sailing up the river to cut off all escape for the continental forces and numerous gathered militias, like the 14th Continental Regiment led by Rip’s own merchant father, made up of sailors and fishermen who knew the ways of water and tide. And some, like Rip, knew more than most.

His mother, Hannah Glover (née Gale) had told her three children the story, over and over again. She had been walking along the beach in their town of Marblehead, Massachusetts, when she had come across an unusually large, broken lobster trap, washed up by a storm. Inside, struggling to remain moist while trapped in a tide pool, was a mermaid, with bright golden scales. Hannah had taken pity on the strange creature, and released her back into the water, but not before the golden fish-girl had given the Massachusetts maiden the shell her son now clasped in his hand. “With this, call upon my people by the water, and if we can, one will come,” the mermaid had whispered, before diving into the sea, never to be seen again.

At last, he heard the slosh, indicating something large swimming close to the shore. His eyes widened as a creature from a sailor’s yarn rose from the water, all azure scales with swirls of glittering white speckles, like stars in a galaxy on the darkest of nights. The merman’s tail was strong and powerful, lazily swaying back and forth in the water behind him as it supported the human torso, and his hair, unlike Rip’s white wig, was naturally tangled strands of silver. In a voice that echoed like the breeze over water, the creature said, “I am Eddy, son of Cascade. You have called me, son of Gale?”
Rip nodded, trying not to get enchanted by the creature, as legends had warned. “Yes. I… we… need your help. The Redcoats are sending their ships to cut us off, but General Washington has enlisted father and our boats to ferry across 9,000 troops, plus cannons, weapons, horses, and other resources tonight, in utmost secrecy. Mother told me that your people can control storms and sky. Please aid us!”

Eddy frowned, an expressive gesture of lip and gleaming scale and finned eyebrows. “That requires a great deal of magic, which I cannot fuel by myself, son of Gale. Magic requires choice, will, heart and sacrifice. It is no small thing. It can be done… but I will need you to spill your blood in the water each time you need more magic, and I will need a promise that you will leave your people and join mine when this is over, for we need new blood in more ways than one.”
Rip shivered at the great price, but nodded. “Father has Samuel to inherit, and Susannah to care for mother. I will miss them, but I agree.” He held out his hand to the fish man, shaking it and marveling at the feel of webbed fingers. Then he took his knife and sliced a sizeable cut in his arm, spilling his blood into the water as the merman swam away to work his magic.

That afternoon, strong winds blew from the East. The soldiers and sailors marveled at the suddenness of the winds, but John Glover, busy with his plans for evacuation, thanked his lucky stars and wrapped oars and wagon wheels in cloth to muffle their noise, readied the sick and injured for the first boats, and threatened everyone nearby with instant death should they so much as whisper. He didn’t notice the bandage on his son’s arm.

That night, the moon shown bright and full. The fleeing boats would easily be spotted in the light. Rip cut his other arm over the bow as he readied his oar and his boat filled with injured. Dark clouds covered the moon, and the silent escape progressed. Horses were calmed, cannons loaded, barrels of gunpowder stored as the Marbleheaders ferried most of the army across to Manhattan throughout the night. Genera Washington had arranged for one regiment to keep fires burning and roll barrels to make noise and cover their escape, and the retreating forces dwelt in total silence on their way across the dark waters.

Dawn crept over the horizon, and worry spread through the silent fleet. There still were 2000 soldiers remaining, including General Washington! If the British saw them escaping, the Revolution was doomed! Rip slashed his knife across his left leg, letting the blood ripple on the dark surface, and a thick fog rolled in, muffling sounds and covering their escape.

At 7:00am, General Washington was the last soldier to board the boat, right as the fog lifted and the British, suspicious of the quieting barricade forced their way in, finding the rebel camp deserted. A sharpshooter in green approached, but only Rip seemed to spot him as he took aim… straight at Washington! Rip rushed over, the boat rocking, and he took the shot in his lower back, falling into the water as his boat drifted out of reach of even rifle fire, caught by a current guaranteed to push it to the far shore, as its helmsman sank into the darkness, surrounded by water painted red by his own blood.
John Glover mourned his son’s loss, but rumors had it that his fleet spotted two mermen that Christmas, as the Delaware River turned smooth enough to cross while standing up. One was blue with white stars decorating his body, and another rippled with white and crimson stripes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

03-18-2015, 01:30 AM
this was a really fun challenge!

03-18-2015, 06:54 AM
This was awesome to read

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03-18-2015, 10:58 AM
I was in the process of writing a fully fledged comic with a mer theme however my art is not my strong suit.

I've written other mer based stories however they are more like a Novelette/Novella length.

04-02-2015, 12:17 AM
So, what ever happened with this? I know Coradion's been online, but he never responded.

Mermaid Mhara
04-03-2015, 08:55 PM
I was thinking the same thing! I tried to find this thread the other week but failed haha.

Although reading the story I submitted at like 5 am ages ago now makes me cringe hahaha why on Earth did I write that.

04-04-2015, 02:00 PM
Vaughan I think your story as lots of sensory imegry. Very detailed

04-04-2015, 05:48 PM
I love short stories! All of these are amazing. There's talent in these waters, that's for sure!

10-29-2015, 10:51 PM
I'm pretty new here, but heres one! (it equals out to 666 words sans title :lol:.)

Siren’s Birth
Can you imagine what it is like to never be alone? To know that if you just reach out another will grasp your hand and pull you to safety? I really doubt it.
Humans like you are so fickle, so young. You claim complete loyalty to one another then shackle each other over silly things like skin colour or customs. The pods are different from that. We never abandon one of our own, or harm each other with evil in our hearts.
I’ve grown my entire life feeling the brush of my sisters and the guiding hands of my elders. I’ve been raised with soft caresses and rude shoves, taught with guiding words and correcting fingers, caressed with curiosity and and awe.
You, puny land dweller, could never understand the unity of my people. This is why you separate us. We who live only for the happiness of the whole are often snatched from our caressing depths and hung to dry on your ships and walls. You hang us up as trophies for your pride. My pride is my pod, my sisters and brothers, my parents and children.
I see you don’t understand. That doesn’t surprise me. You're almost out of air after all, and unlike me you can’t breath under the depths. That is why I brought you here; tricked you with a song and a kiss. By the time the tides recede you’ll be food for the sharks. It’s fitting punishment for the damage you did to my pod.
No. Don’t shake your head. You took from me the support I have know all my days. Your death is paltry substitute, but I will take it all the same. Better some recompense than none at all.
I, who have before been away from my sisters and brothers, have been snatched from their grasp. They are so far now that I can no longer hear their song. You stole me in your net and caged me for display, but no longer. Now I am free. You foolishly thought me tame, thought I loved you.
You believed my whispered promises and were seduced by my fabled song. You thought you loved me, thought I loved you, thought I would take you to the depths and mate you. What a fool you are. To think that a daughter of the raging sea would be tame for her capture. You have done me the greatest insult by claiming me as a pet yet you believe that I will lie down and take it? I am a tempest, a maelstrom, the raging tides themselves. I am a beloved daughter of the pod and warrior among my kind.
Mortal, you do not know me.
Now as your life slips away, an offering to the tides, I will leave. My pod is far from here in warmer waters. I will call for them and eventually they’ll here. When they do I will reunite with my people. UNtil then I will sing for them constantly.
What? You have air left to try and talk? Oh, my song; you remember my powers. Yes, my calling will be heard by more than just my pop. Men, and some women, will flock to it. They’ll be so immersed in it my song that they will follow it and never return. So what. You people steal my siblings with relish. Why shouldn’t I steal some of yours.
I wonder if those men you sailed with will know what your fate is. I hope they do. I hope they know I dragged you down into Mother’s deep embrace and let her blood fill your lungs. I wonder if they’ll talk? Spread the word and warning about? I wonder if they remember my name, Psyren. I hope they do.
I want everyone who drowns after hearing me calling out knowing, with their last breaths, who to curse. None of this would have happened without you. Honestly my “love”, I hope they hear me calling.
I hope they come.