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01-01-2015, 10:53 PM
Hello Everyone! I've been on hiatus for about a year, and am happy to say that I'm now able to get back in the shop and start making these monofins again! I've opened my own Etsy shop: Custom Monofins.
My monofins are custom ordered, and (for the moment) you choose from either the Classic style, or Sirena style monofin shapes. You also choose your exact boot size!

I'll tell you as much as I can about the monofins without spilling my trade secrets. ;)

Q: What is the plastic made of?
A: It is a plastic that I special order. It is resistant to chlorine and salt water, and does not snap under the weight resistance it takes to propel through the water. It took me 5 years of experimenting with various plastics and materials to find the perfect one suited for a monofin's requirements.

Q: What are the boots made of?
A: The bots are a moulded soft rubber.

Q: What is the black part on the monofin?
A: A black neoprene cover hides the boots from view. When swimming in a fabric tail, the water pushes the fabric against the boots, making your feet very visible. The black neoprene cover solves that problem, helping to achieve a seamless flow from fluke to body.

If you have any other questions, please visit my Etsy page, or comment! My YouTube channel also has videos of the monofins being swam in, so you can see how they perform.

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CustomMonofins

YouTube-Monofin performance: https://www.youtube.com/user/vickylynne




Photos: Sirena style. Classic style. And Betta Fish style (fresh out of the shop, and not yet for sale)---what do you think of the Betta monofin?

Mermaid Jaffa
01-01-2015, 11:23 PM
Betta monofin = scary!

Kidding! It looks cool. Am wondering how one would sew up a tail around those spikes.

Post to Australia yet, or still only US customers?

01-02-2015, 08:41 AM
Jaffa- The Betta monofin will be placed in my own mermaid tail. I was planning on leaving the spikes out of the fabric, leaving them exposed to create a spiny look. :) I think it would be just too much tedious work to try and sew around the spikes.

For shipping-I could definitely ship to Australia! You would just need to contact me first and get a shipping estimate, then I'd post a monofin especially for you with the adjusted shipping price.

Mermaid Jaffa
01-02-2015, 08:57 AM
Yay! Do I need to be a stronger swimmer for such a huge monofin?
And here I was thinking the Mahina Merfins were big!

Could you do one where it is 2cm off on all sides instead of the usual size monofin?

01-02-2015, 01:44 PM
Jaffa- No you don't need to be a stronger swimmer for these big monofins. They are buoyant in the water, and not heavy. I've had a couple 6-8 year old's swim with these big monofins. :) I guess I don't know exactly what you are talking about, when you say 2 cm off on the sides. Do you mean to make the monofin more narrow?

Mermaid Jaffa
01-02-2015, 05:53 PM

01-02-2015, 06:36 PM
Sure, I could make it smaller. It would still be the same price as a regular Custom Monofin. $325.00. Because I have to pay for materials. But it's totally doable.

Meghara July
10-20-2015, 08:09 PM
I just wanted to say, I have the Sirena monofin Victoria makes, and it is unbelievably amazing! I adore the way it glides through the water- so easy and effortless. The movement is perfect. I use it in both of my tails, and I could not be happier. I think she is on hiatus again, but if she ever comes back... guys she is so talented, amazing, and sweet. I couldn't ask for a better monofin from a better tail maker.

Mermaid Wesley
10-20-2015, 10:23 PM
I really want to see more tails with these monofins

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Mermaid Alea
10-20-2015, 10:30 PM
I too want to see more tails with these monofins. :)