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    How to Make a Mermaid Tail
    Author: mermaid sasha
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtwnOQg_KH8
    Type: fabric tail

    Format: youtube video
    The Making of a Mermaid Tail
    Author: littleorca
    link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XARgUycggk
    Type: fabric tail

    Format: youtube video
    How-to: Swimmable Mermaid Tail
    Author: colt-kun
    Link: http://colt-kun.deviantart.com/art/H...tail-118291015
    Type: fabric tail
    Format: image
    Information About my Tails
    Author: freshwater mermaid
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GfrgIHHyz8
    Type: fabric tail
    Format: youtube video
    How to Make a Seashell Top
    Author: malinghi
    Link: mernetwork.com/imgs/Shell_Top.pdf
    Type: seashell top

    Format: PDF
    The Titania Monotin
    Author: capt nemo
    Link: mernetwork.com/imgs/Titania_Monofin.pdf
    Type: monofin

    Format: PDF
    ALEX Latex Tail Tutorial
    Author: melbel1023/missfit1023
    Link: http://missfit1023.deviantart.com/ga...et=24#/d3gomhc
    Type: ALEX latex tail

    Format: image

    Image tutorial made from text tutorial by Mermaid Raven of Merbellas.
    Scale Top Tutorial
    Author: MermaidAubrin
    Type: ALEX scale top

    Format: PDF
    Trident Tutorial
    Author: Malinghi
    Type: Trident

    Format: PDF

    Here's a list of some threads that also contain good tailmaking information. Hopefully some of them might be adapted into actual guide at some point. If you want to help out by adapting one of these threads into a tutorial, contact Malinghi or WingedMermaid.

    FullSilicone Tail Tutorial In the works
    Makinga Fiberglass Monofin
    Archive:"Using ALEX for Tails"
    UsingAlex PLus
    Articleabout ALEX plus in Tail Flip magazine
    Archive:"Sewing Neoprene"
    FAQ:Latex and Silicone Tails
    TabatafishCustom Monofiin
    CustomMonofin and Performance Tail
    How to make a Cheap Seashell Mermaid Bra

    Here are some additional guides:
    How to make a trident sling: http://mernetwork.com/imgs/Trident_sash.pdf
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    1. Mermaid Crystal's Avatar
      Mermaid Crystal -
      so helpful i thought i had to flip through all the pages to find tutorials!
    1. Mermaid Narina's Avatar
      Mermaid Narina -
      thanks Raina!!!!
    1. angie's Avatar
      angie -
      total newbie here, but just going to throw out some thoughts/questions:
      If I am making a duct tape model of my legs, I wrap them in plastic wrap first, right?
      How would I extend the thickness of a store-bought monofin to change its shape? I dont like how leftover fabric hangs off from what ever the fin doesnt fill.
      Once one has a monofin, do you make a fabric tail that just pulls over it? could you create multiple to go with the same fin?
      How do you insert a monofin in a theorectical silicon/rubber tail?
      if you built up tinted silicon/rubber in very, very thin layers, could you create a sea-weed effect on the end of the fluke? How would this effect swimming?
    1. Mermaid Petronella's Avatar
      Mermaid Petronella -
      I have lots of mermaid art tutorials on my channel and would love it if you checked it out!
      ~ some include, making a mermaid tail, making a $5 monofin, making a $20 monofin, making a mermaid/fairy door, making a cloud lantern, making an Elizabeth Swann dress, making an Aztec gold medallion etc.
      All these are really cheap and easy and all were done in less than a day!
      I appreciate every view. I only just made the channel last month so I'm trying to show it to as many people as possible so if you shared it on your tumblr, facebook, myspace, twitter etc I'd appreciate it! Thankyou so much fellow mermaid lovers!

    1. angie's Avatar
      angie -
      I have been branching off of the mermaid concept, for other mythical half-aquatic, half human rcreatures. I am especially fond of the selkie. I was thinking to make a mer-tail that reambled a seal instead of a fish.

      In one way, this greatly simplifies the process, because there would be no need to add a scale texture. On the other fin, it raises the question of how to make the flippers/monofin. Seal tails are actually two separate flipper feet, and they look more lateral in the water, like a dolfin or whale.

      Lastly, I am self consious of my stomach, and I was thinking that because selkies have seal skins, this would be more of a one piece that would go all the way up the front and attach as a halter around the neck, leaving the back bare. I have a design that I think really adds to the illusion of the seal-skin being "peeled" off, to show the human underneath. I will post the picture when I scan it from my sketchbook.
    1. Melite-Nymphe's Avatar
      Melite-Nymphe -
      Great page! <3
    1. seagirls626's Avatar
      seagirls626 -
      Can you swim with the trident? I really want to make one that I can swim with...
    1. jammer54's Avatar
      jammer54 -
      i loved the tail one! so trying that!
    1. Scudder's Avatar
      Scudder -
      Going to buy shells tomorrow!
    1. Mermaid Dottie's Avatar
      Mermaid Dottie -
      Anyone know who this is? I can't seem to find her on here.
    1. Nashoba's Avatar
      Nashoba -
      Loving these tutorials!
    1. The Harlem Mermaid's Avatar
      The Harlem Mermaid -
      This is so cool, friend suggested this link thanks #CanadianMermaidMarie just bought my first mermaid material to make mermaid tail, its so exciting go to NCMerfest so i want my tail to come out beautiful, thank you all for posting these links
    1. Thessalonike's Avatar
      Thessalonike -
      Does anyone have any suggestins on how to get the monofin to be set into the fluke?
    1. mermaidpie's Avatar
      mermaidpie -
      I want to wait til it gets hotter
    1. MermaidAllie's Avatar
      MermaidAllie -
      Quote Originally Posted by MermaidHaru View Post
      My monofin is too small: Can anyone help me?
      What do you mean by 'too small'? Is the fin not long/wide enough to fit nicely in your tail or is it just too small for you to swim properly?

      I found a great video by FlowerBite on youtube that has 2 parts, it shows you how to modify a monofin so that it takes the shape of your already made swim tail instead of looking like a manatee's tail.

      (This is the part 1 of the 2 part video, just go to their channel to find the second half)

    1. Mermaid_Aqua's Avatar
      Mermaid_Aqua -
      I cant wait to make my own tail and maybe I will make a shell top as well they look so cool
    1. Mermaid_Aqua's Avatar
      Mermaid_Aqua -
      is any of these fabrics good to make a tail with and how many yards do you think I will need im 4'8" im 22yrs old but I wont be making my tail until I loose a bit more weight
      oh and I have a finis wave mono fin
    1. The Harlem Mermaid's Avatar
      The Harlem Mermaid -
      Hi Mermaid_Aqua I've bought my spandex fabric from Spandexworld.com im 5'2 and weight 150lbs, i used 3 yards and had plenty left over, so you should probably get 2 and half yards, we both have the same finis wave mono fin. good luck, all the fabric's you choose are perfect for your fabric tail, really lovely, the blue one looks a little like mine .... P.s. they're also very inexpensive at spandex world too.... You don't need to wait to lose weight to be a mermaid and have your tail, im a beautiful full figure Mermaid and i feel gorgeous! so will you ....
    1. Mermaid_Aqua's Avatar
      Mermaid_Aqua -
      Aww thanks I love the color blue thats why all the fabrics are blue lol and if I get 3 yards I should have enough to make a tankini top as well that matches