• Challenges

    MerNetwork hosts regular challenges, where members are invited to post images and videos based on a given theme! The winner will have their image or video posted on the front page. Here are the full rules, and a list of all previous champions!

    Next Challenge:
    Next challenge will be announced soon!

    How it works:
    MerNetwork Challenges are a game that can be played no matter where you're located! Everyone is challenged to make something based on a given theme or objective, and everyone votes on their favorite. You can submit virtually anything- a video, an image, even a song. The winning entry will be posted on the frontpage of MerNetwork until the next challenge is announced, and will be list here forever. Everyone is encouraged to participate, and tails are encouraged but not required. Voting will begin two weeks after the challenge begins, but you can submit anytime before voting closes. That's it for the rules. Go out and have fun!

    Previous Champions:
    None so far! You could be the first!