• Rules


    Don’t Lie.
    Do not say something that is objectively untrue, or make deceptive claims about oneself or others. This includes slander and making accusations with no evidence.

    It also includes making second accounts without the permission of the admins. One additional account is allowed for tailmakers who wish to have an account for their business. In any other case, any user who creates multiple accounts without approval from the admins will have that account merged with their current account. (This means any posts that were created with the second account will then be under the first account's name.)

    Don’t make threats.
    This includes any statement that could be interpreted as a hostile suggestion that another person may come to harm. This harm could be physical or non-physical.

    Don’t harass or insult.
    One definition of harassment is “any negative statement that serves no purpose but hurt or antagonize another person”, but be aware that harassment is highly subjective. Please do not make unwanted sexual advances, or verbally attack other members. Blatant disrespect, including personal attacks, will not be tolerated. Users who harass others may have their access to some or all of the forum suspended temporarily or permanently.

    Don’t provoke.
    This includes any statement that while not a lie, insult, or threat, serves no function but to exacerbate conflict. Examples include making dares, extremely disrespectful language, criticizing others while omitting names, baiting or obviously mocking users, and statements that transparently invite a negative response. These are often in response to other rule violations, but engaging with rule breakers who have not yet received disciplinary action is no excuse, and is a violation of these rules.

    Users are strongly encouraged to contact the admins if they observe any threats, harassment, or provocations. Users who violate these rules may have their access to all of some of the forum suspended temporarily or permanently. We take these seriously. Please save evidence of any rule violations by taking a screen capture and sharing it with the admins to ensure rule violators face consequences.

    Don't post obscene content.
    This generally refers to any depiction of sex acts or genitalia. MerNetwork does allow toplessness with the expectation that users will exercise appropriate judgement. Such content should feature the warning NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in the thread title. Content of a purely erotic nature is not allowed. If you are uncertain whether something is acceptable please contact one of the admins.

    Respect image ownership.
    This includes not taking or reposting images from the board against the creator’s wishes. Some members of the community may be reluctant to share images of themselves and should have their privacy respected. For images that may be shared, always cite the source and give credit. Images reposted must be either directly linked from the source or credited with a name and/or a link to said source.

    Respect others.
    This rule encompasses various infractions that might fall through the cracks, like hate speech, stalking people, ect. No flaming, no trolling. We shouldn’t have to tell you this stuff is wrong.
    Keep it relevant and don’t spam.
    This site is intended to serve the mermaid and merman costuming community, so please refrain from regularly posting content unrelated to mermaid costuming, and please post threads to the correct sections. Admins will move topics and comments as needed to keep things correctly organized and on topic.

    Do not spam the forum by posting unrelated content or links, posting the same thing in multiple places, or generally posting numerous amounts of messages that derail discussions. There are sections for topics unrelated to merfolk costuming (“Just Talk”) and sections for buying/selling (“Classifieds”). Spamming the forum or in PMs can result in ban, suspension, or temporary or permanent restrictions on a user's account.


    Report all problems by clicking the “Report Post” button or by contacting an admin or moderator. This can be done for violations that occur in private messages as well as forum posts.

    An admin or moderator will respond to the problem. Please be patient, as this may take several days. Refrain from responding to rule violations with more rule violations- retaliation is no excuse, and will be subject to disciplinary action.

    If a disciplinary action is taken, the offender has a right to know which rule was broken.

    Minor rule violations will result in a warning. Multiple minor violations may result in a several day suspension. If the infraction continues or the member commits additional infractions, they will typically be banned for one to two weeks. Following that, the member will typically be banned for longer than a month. More serious offenses may result in a ban for any length of time, even for a first offense.

    Rule violations on other websites may be grounds for disciplinary action on MerNetwork. We can’t police the whole internet, nor would we want to. But if someone lies, insults, or harasses others on Facebook or other places, we don’t need to wait for them to do it here before we ban them.

    Banned Users that create alternate accounts to get around bans will have their alternate accounts terminated, and the ban on their actual account may be extended.

    These rules are subject to change, so if you've got any questions, comments, or objections contact us or leave a comment.

    These are also part of the Terms of Service of this site. In you choosing to view or use this site you automatically agree to abide by these rules, and agree to the Disclaimers.
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      latempe -
      Hi I am wondering if I could resurrect this old thread to add to links to it.



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      AniaR -
      this isnt the place to post that kind of thing, and the thread is still open. Anyone can post in it.